Chorizo & Jalapeno Pizza Toastie

Chorizo Jalapeno Pizza Toastie

This simple and tasty pizza toastie was put together using my handy DIY Pizza Mix box of pizza toppings used as a toastie filling!  I just wanted a snack to “grab and go”, so didn’t go overboard in overfilling it or making too much effort this time.  It needed to be a simple pizza toastie, not over-thought.

I didn’t add a pizza sauce, it was just pizza toppings and cheese.  I also didn’t serve it with a dipping chutney, which I usually do.


  • Two pieces of toasted bread
  • A mixture of pizza toppings: chorizo, jalapeno, red onion, white onion, sweetcorn (see DIY pizza)
  • Grated cheese


  1. Top one of the pieces of toasted bread with your pizza toppings – you can do both and make a super sized pizza filling if you wish, which I do sometimes, but not today!
  2. Place the topped toast under a hot grill for 3-5 minutes.
  3. Place the second slice of toast on top, cut and serve!  You could get a pot of tasty hot chilli chutney and use that to dip the toastie into!

This is a really fast snack that’s easy to put together because it uses my pizza mix box of toppings that I keep in the freezer: Pizza Mix Toppings