DIY Pizza Mix Boxes

DIY Pizza Mix Box Toppings Frozen

I make and keep my own DIY pizza mix boxes – enabling me to make a quick pizza snack at the drop of a hat!  What’s in the pizza mix varies as they are ongoing and contain many foods that I think will be great on a pizza.  Often I’ll have two different pizza mix boxes on the go, with a different focus.

A DIY pizza mix box simply contains small amounts of the sort of toppings you like on a pizza – meaning that you can just grab the box and tip out as much as you want, when you want it!

Depending on how much pizza mix I’ve currently got in the freezer, I’ll use plastic takeaway boxes, or even empty margarine tubs!  Keeping it in a tub means it’s easy for me to give it a quick shake before I use the pizza toppings, so they’re well mixed up.

How to Make a DIY Pizza Mix Box:

  1. Every time any food passes through your hands, just think about whether a small piece of that would be a great pizza topping – and, if so, add it to the box!  It’s that simple.
  2. Keep adding little bits and pieces over time and it soon adds up into a really good mixture of all your favourite pizza toppings!

Cheese: I rarely include cheese in the pizza mix because I’ve always got cheese in the fridge already grated – but you can add in small pieces of end of bag cheese if you wish!

Herbs/Oils: I don’t add in herbs or oregano to the box as I can choose to add those when I make up my pizza topping.

To Make a Pizza: 

  • Choose the base of your choice: a pizza base, pitta bread, a slice of toast, even a jacket potato!
  • You can use a spoon of tomato chutney or even ketchup as a fast pizza sauce – add this first
  • Give your DIY Pizza Mix Box a shake and spoon, or tip, out how much you want.
  • Top with cheese.
  • Put under a hot grill for 4-6 minutes until the top’s melted/cooked and ready to eat.
    Pizza Toastie Mixture Toppings

My current pizza box has a lot of leftover Christmas food in it and includes:

  • Sliced chorizo
  • Sliced red onion and chopped white onion
  • Sweetcorn
  • Red Pepper
  • Jalapeno peppers

For me, these are great “starter pizza” toppings – and if I’ve anything else around when I make a pizza I can add the extras on a whim.  Most weeks a small amount of something will find its way into the box.

Keeping a running box of DIY pizza toppings mix saves you the time of digging around trying to find items to put onto a pizza – and, even if you’ve already frozen the individual ingredients, it still saves you the hassle of opening/closing multiple bags and running the risk of overlooking one!

Other ingredients that get put into the box might be a tablespoon of red kidney beans as I’m making a chilli, or one (or half) a pineapple slice, a single floret of broccoli is often chopped in too.