Microwave Shortbread Biscuit Recipe

Microwave Shortbread Biscuit Recipe

I just wanted to make one microwave shortbread biscuit, just to try out a recipe a friend passed to me.  I’ve never really been a buyer of shortbread biscuits, so had no need to ever try to make them – but a friend gave me a simple microwave shortbread biscuit recipe and I fancied trying it.  The trouble was that the quantity was more than I wished to make and eat!

So I fiddled with it.

The microwave shortbread biscuit recipe I was passed used:

  • 1oz of sugar,
  • 2oz butter and
  • 3oz of plain flour (all purpose flour).

Microwave Shortbread Biscuit Recipe

The method was:

  1. Rub together the shortbread ingredients until it looked like breadcrumbs.
  2. Knead the mix together lightly until it formed a ball.
  3. Flatten that into a round that was 1cm thick and lay it on a piece of baking paper. Prick the top with a fork.
  4. Microwave for ~3 minutes, until the top feels dry.
  5. Sprinkle with a little sugar and eat.

But I only wanted to make one biscuit to see if I liked them, so I adapted this recipe to make just ONE biscuit.  I used:

  • 4 grams of sugar
  • 8 grams of butter
  • 12 grams of flour.

The method I changed as I don’t like touching pastry if I can avoid it, so I: Microwave Shortbread Biscuit Recipe

  1. Used a fork to blend the ingredients together, then the back of a spoon for the “lightly knead” part.
  2. Formed it into a biscuit shape, put it onto some paper and into the microwave. I did forget to prick it!
  3. I turned the microwave down to Medium and microwaved the single shortbread biscuit for 30 seconds, then 15 seconds and 15 seconds.  The reason for this is that I didn’t want the sugar to burn, but it was “hit and miss” for my timings.

Tips: The issue you face with cooking the small quantity of mix in the microwave is the sugar burning, so go slow and easy on it and you’ll get a biscuit that works!

I then ate it!  That worked fine!  The biscuit was fine – I’m just not a fan of shortbread biscuits, but I’ll probably make a couple more of these at some point ….. I’ve done it now and I know that it works.  It is certainly pleasant and very edible.

Microwave Shortbread Biscuit Recipe