How to Make Microwave Dumplings

Can you make dumplings in a microwave? Yes, you can – and they’re great tasting too. Making microwave dumplings takes just 3 minutes and can work out better as they can truly be a last minute decision. Here’s a photo of some microwave dumplings I made:

Microwave Dumplings Recipe

I usually make dumplings with suet – but you can make dumplings without suet too, it doesn’t matter. Suet is simply the word for fat that comes from round the kidneys of an animal, so it’s still fat – and you can make dumplings with butter/margarine or oil. If you want to read more about dumplings without suet, you can read that here: Dumplings Without Suet.

Dumplings in a Microwave?

Once you’ve got your dumplings made (simply 2 parts Self Raising flour to 1 part suet, by weight) they need to be placed into liquid and microwaved. I prefer to make sure the liquid’s hot. You can make your dumplings just by using boiling water (from the kettle), or you can mix up some stock. When I make slow cooker stews and casseroles I usually make extra liquid in there and simply keep that and use it to make my dumplings.


  1. Place the hot water or hot stock (you can microwave it for a minute to get it hot) into a deep/wide dish.
  2. Place the dumplings into the liquid. At this point, to give my dumplings extra colour, I like to just turn them over so they’re coated in my stock.
  3. Cover the dish and microwave for 3 minutes on high (my microwave is about 700-900 watts).

I’ve found the 3 minutes is important as it’s important to cook out the taste of the flour.

And there you have it – instant dumplings!

Compared to making dumplings by placing them on top of a stew in a saucepan, microwave dumplings don’t grow as much (I find my saucepan dumplings double in size), so you can have them a little closer together. Taste wise there’s very little difference at all – in fact, if you’re not a confident cook and they often don’t work out quite right on the stove top, then the microwave result will probably give you the best dumplings you’ve ever made.

I probably make dumplings in the microwave twice a week during the winter!  Sometimes as part of a meal and sometimes alone, as a snack or lazy meal 🙂

The photo here shows some of my microwave dumplings, made with the saved juice from a vegetable stew I’d made the day before in the slow cooker.  Waste not, want not!