Sweet Snack: Crumpets & Lemon Curd

When you’ve a yearning for some sweet treats, then in under 3 minutes you can be tucking into a hot and tasty crumpet topped with lemon curd.  Crumpets aren’t just for butter!  They’re a great base for a sweet snack treat, or even a sweet breakfast, which was today’s menu! Lemon curd on crumpets. Nom.

All you need is a packet of crumpets and a jar of lemon curd – of course, you can make your own lemon curd on the fly if you wish, but for regular people I’m sure a simple jar found in the cupboard is pushing the boundaries of possible. Crumpets Lemon Curd Sweet Snack

To be quite frank, I bought this jar ages ago, intending to use it in a lemon & sultana pudding at some point, but it never happened and now, as I read the lid, that says “best before August 2014” I think “Oh well, better get started on it then!”  Food with a “best before” date that’s passed isn’t dangerous, it’s just not as brightly coloured, or not as strong tasting, as it was when it was newer. The “Use By” is the one you HAVE to stick to.  Jars of sauces, curds, jams, chutneys etc can go on fine for donkeys’ years.


  1. Get two crumpets of your choice, from your favourite shop or supermarket. Just slide those bad boys into your basket, they’re coming home.
  2. One simple jar of lemon curd (or orange curd!)
  3. Toast the crumpets in your toaster until they’re just how you like them – I like the bottom to be crispy and the top firm.
  4. Spoon one teaspoon of lemon curd on each crumpet and spread the curd around with the base of the spoon – using the bottom of a spoon to scoop/spread jams, curds and chutneys is much easier than trying to poke about with a knife!


This is a tasty food cheats quick fix breakfast, snack or main meal (if you’re not that hungry) – and it really hits the spot.  Lemon curd on crumpets really puts a speedy “zing” into this snack idea!

Does lemon curd count towards 5 a day?  I’m sure it must …. just a little bit.