Microwave noodle bowls are made by a few manufacturers, Sistema is one of the most well-known brands available, but they all work in the same way. A plastic, lidded, microwave safe, pot with a secure lid with a vent in it.  Easily transportable as the lids are “Klik N Lock” style.

I use these a lot to cook meals in my microwave as they are so easy to use and one of the easiest dishes to clean that I’ve found.

Lunchbox: Microwave noodle bowls are promoted as a great way to take your own lunch to work, ready to microwave it in your lunchbreak.  They have a fitted, click n lock style, lid, that has a small vent.  With the vent closed and the lid clipped shut they should transport your lunch without spilling. Microwave Noodle Bowls

I’ve only ever used my noodle bowls to cook at home.  I love the fact they have a handle – I’m quite clumsy and so the handle makes it easy to remove hot food from the microwave without fail. Perfect for the elderly or those with gripping issues, imho!

Layered Salad Bowl: Of course, you don’t have to put them anywhere near a microwave.  These noodle bowls work brilliantly just used in the fridge to hold ready made salad bowls.  I love the supermarket layered salads, but they are pricey for what you get.  Being about the same size as the supermarket layered salad cartons, they’re great for making up your own salads to take on picnics or for lunch at work.

Easy Cleaning: Washing up has always been easy too, I simply rinse the bowl out then leave it in soak until I’m ready to do the washing up – it’s then just a quick wipe around.  Nothing’s stuck to them to date – I’ve been surprised that I’ve not yet found any foods that are a problem to clean!

Unbreakable: I also like the fact they are plastic as I know I can’t break them.  I often also use Pyrex jugs as microwave-safe cookware, but I’m conscious of the fact I could potentially chip one at some point just by being a little clumsy with it!

Freezer-Safe: When I make food in the slow cooker I’ll decant it into my noodle bowls and put these in the fridge – creating my own microwave meals for one to be grabbed when I want one!  They’re also freezer safe, so if I end up not eating them, I can simply take them from the fridge and toss them into the freezer!

The noodle bowl capacity is just under 1 litre, which is quite big, so I’ve also got the (smaller) mugs from the same range.  I’ve got two noodle bowls now and two of the mugs!  I’m tempted to get some more, while they’re still available.  It’d certainly be great to have a set of four bowls, maybe in a different colour, just to use for making up salads for the summer – they’re a great way to take food to the beach! Lightweight and unbreakable, just what’s needed.

UPDATE: Green Microwave Noodle Bowl

I’ve now also bought myself a green bowl!  It’s really cheery, I’ve an obsession growing I think.  I’ll become known as the bowl lady if I’m not careful!

I’d gone round to a friend’s for dinner and she showed me her latest kitchenware – and it was a light blue microwave bowl.  She intends to use hers to take lunches to work, mainly her breakfast cereals and milk!

Well, that just made me want another colour as I’d only got red ones so far!

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