Microwave Roast Dinner for One

Microwave Roast Dinner Serves One

When you see those tempting microwave roast dinner for one packs, you might think about buying one, just because it’s easy.  The trouble is, when you actually take a closer look you find it’s not really going to give you that feel good factor of a proper roast dinner.

But, almost weekly, I’ll whip up my own variation – and this is this week’s microwave roast dinner for one!

I don’t always bother with meat.  I’m not a vegetarian, I just often eat meatless meals.  I have made this microwave roast dinner with meat in the past, but I don’t always see meat as an essential.

Microwave Roast Dinner for One:

This week it was: Yorkshire puddings, sage & onion stuffing, broccoli, cauliflower, peas and mashed potatoes, with gravy!

  • I steamed the broccoli and cauliflower together in the microwave, tossing the peas in for the last minute of cooking time.
  • The mashed potatoes I used instant mash, with a knob of butter added.
  • The sage and onion stuffing was made by adding a knob of butter to a standard packet stuffing mix in a mug then adding boiling water and a knob of butter, then stirring/leaving. Just before serving I microwave this for about a minute to make sure it’s hot.
  • I used frozen Yorkshire puddings.  You do have to be careful with microwaving frozen Yorkshire puddings as they do go a bit chewy if you do them too long.  I generally get the Yorkshire puddings out of the freezer and leave them on the side to defrost, then microwave them for 20-30 seconds just to warm them up – they’ll be covered in gravy anyway.
  • Then it’s just a question of plating it up and making the instant gravy using gravy granules!

This is a very filling Sunday lunch I quite often make for myself!  By comparison, the frozen roast dinners for one are just poor value, my way I can have exactly what I want!

So, that’s it.  If all you want is hot, tasty, food, that gives you that “feel good factor” in under 10 minutes, when the option is going without or buying a frozen ready meal roast dinner for one, then this is a clear winner.