Frugal Snacks: Cheese Triangles

Aldi Cheese TrianglesI love cheese triangles – I always have – and always have a box of them in the fridge.  I’m not overly bothered about brand, so if I see some cheese triangles when I’m out in the shops and I fancy picking them up, then I’ll not start looking for one particular brand over another!

Years ago I remember there used to be a box of mixed flavours, such as cheese and onion and cheese and tomato, mum bought a box or two of these, but they were more expensive than regular cheese triangles, so that soon stopped!  These days you just see the regular cheese triangles for sale in the main – flavoured cheeses are now packaged in tiny pots and other packaging, not as triangles.

Cheese triangles are “good for you”, but they also make a quick and easy frugal snack.  They have a long fridge shelf life and can be eaten straight from the packet, or spread onto bread as part of a sandwich, or used as a toast topper or muffin and crumpet topping.

Just a simple cheese triangle, grabbed from the fridge and eaten straight from the foil wrapper is a really easy snack to have around the house for those moments you just need a little something to keep you going until your main meal’s served!

As Lidl and Aldi are my two closest food shops, I’m most often in there.  Recently it appears Lidl have stopped selling the 8-packs of these (although that might just be my local store), replacing them with a deeper box containing 24 cheese triangles!  That’s a lot of cheese triangles isn’t it….

Cost per Triangle: 

  • Lidl Tenery Cheese Triangles at the moment are £1.69 for 24, which is 7p each.
  • Aldi Cheese Triangles at the moment are £0.59 for 8, which is 7.4p each.
  • Market leading Dairy Lea tend to be closer to 13p each