Microwave Browning Dish Instructions

Like a lot of kitchen gadgets, over time the instructions get lost or forgotten!  I like to think that I’m quite good at keeping them all safe, as I put all instructions for all household goods into a lever arch file when I open them, but, even so, it’s possible to overlook one.  Many years ago I was bought a microwave browning dish by a boss, thanks Reg it was a GREAT present! I’m sure you’ll be pleased to discover I’m still using it nearly 30 years later.

Since that time these products have been sold under a variety of names, such as “Microwave Fat Free Fryer”, “Microwave Oven Chip Crisper” and similar.  In short, they crisp and brown foods in a regular microwave.

As you can see from the photos, I’ve still got the box and the enclosed microwave browning dish instructions leaflet. The front of the box shows how it crisps up pizzas as well as sausages, bacon and more! Microwave Browning Dish Instructions

This Micro Cuisine Browning Griddle was bought in John Lewis in Cambridge nearly 30 years ago and it’s still going strong! Of course, it was Robert Sayle back then!

The basic cooking instructions are printed on the back of the box, which is one of the reasons I still keep mine in the box, so I can quickly refer to it if I’ve not used it for awhile.

Inside there’s a small separate instructions leaflet: Micro Cuisine Designer Cookware for Microwaves, Microwave Browning Griddle.

Back of the Box:

On the back of the box is a graphic with the instructions of how to use the dish.

Microwave Browning Dish Instructions

This microwave “frying pan” is designed for the rapid cooking, browning and crisping of food. Preheat in microwave for 5 mins. (650W ovens) at full power. Place food on griddle, add a little fat or butter if needed. Place back in microwave and cook in usual manner.
Ideal for low fat cooking, browning and crisping of meats, burgers, sausages, bacon, fish, pizzas, pancakes and eggs.

The manufacturer of mine is Micro Cuisine, Unit 33 Lavenham Road, Beeches Industrial Estate, Yate, Bristol, BS17 5QX – but there have been plenty of other manufacturers – and most of these browning dishes will work in the same way.  You pre-heat the dish in the microwave, add your food, turn the microwave on.  As you can see from the instructions above, these were based on 650W microwave ovens – more modern microwaves are more powerful, so the pre-heating time would need to be reduced.  I’d try it for 1-2 minutes in the first instance to see how that went; over time you can work out the perfect timing for your own microwave oven.

Use & Care Instructions:

  • Before using, hand wash with soapy water, rinse and dry.
  • Griddle should be allowed to cool before coming in contact with water.
  • Cooking surface reaches temperatures of approximately 500°F (260°C), therefore, use of oven gloves is recommended.
  • When placing hot griddle on counter or table top, protect surface by using a trivet or heat resistant mat.
  • Browning griddle has been designed for microwave use; however, this unit is safe in a conventional oven up to 410°F (210°C) where it will function as a conventional cooking pan
  • This unit must be kept clean. For your convenience, a non stick surface has been applied. Should a build up of food particles occur, a scouring pad recommended for non stick coating may be used.
  • Use of nylon, wood or plastic utensils are recommended. NEVER cut on the non-stick surface.
  • When preheating the griddle, a small amount of moisture may form on the floor of the microwave oven. Should this occur, do not be alarmed as the unit is weeping excess moisture that may have accumulated during washing.


  • Foods look and taste better when cooked on this Microwave Browning Griddle; they suddenly look and taste like conventionally browned foods!”
  • The Browning Griddle features even, controlled heat distribution.  Unlike ordinary ceramic models which can generate dangerous hot and cold spots, the safe, uniform heat distribution permits browning, searing, grilling and frying of a greater variety of foods than ever before.

Step by Step Instructions:

Thaw foods completely before using (unless otherwise indicated). Remaining ice crystals cause moisture which in turn prevent proper browning. However, when a frozen pizza is prepared, the pizza should be kept frozen and placed on a preheated Browning Griddle.

Recipes have been tested in a 650 and 700 watt microwave oven. Due to variable wattage, it may be necessary to adjust preheat time to coincide with your particular microwave oven. However, never exceed an 8 minute preheat time.

Step 1: Preheat by placing empty Browning Griddle into microwave oven on high for 5 minutes, or for desired preheat time. (See individual instructions).

Step 2: If butter or oil is desired, it should be added to the preheated Browning Griddle before placement of food.

Step 3: Place food on PREHEATED griddle, programming microwave oven to required cooking time for first side. (Approximately 1/4 to 1/2 overall time).

Step 4: Turn food over and complete cooking process.

Step 5: If browning of additional foods is desired, pour off excess fat or juices and wipe the cooking surface clean to remove any remaining food particles. Preheat again for half the designated preheat time; this allows the griddle to reach the same temperature as before.

Step 6: To avoid overcooking, remove food from griddle immediately after cooking (unless instructions state otherwise).

Microwave Recipes for Browning Griddle:

The enclosed instruction leaflet provides recipes for stir fried vegetables, garlic bread, herb bread, cheeseburgers, English breakfast, bacon and pineapple steaks, steak in brandy sauce, toasties, savoury pork chops, bananas in rum or sherry sauce and pancakes, spanish omelette, sweet & sour pork, bacon & pineapple steaks, parmesan potatoes and ham & mushroom pizza.

I might type those up at some future point, but not today!

I’ve tried to buy another browning griddle recently, for a family member.  It’s no longer available, not even on ebay (my go-to place to search for everything!).  Although my browning griddle is good, an alternative is the Corning Ware microwave browning dish range, these became more popular and are still available today if you’re lucky.  I’ll be picking one up at some point!