Lidl Bixies Review

Lidl Bixies Like Weetabix

Lidl Bixies are their own brand for Weetabix, made by Crownfield.  I’ve been eating Crownfield Bixies from Lidl for the last four years – I’d had a break before that as, as a rule, I didn’t buy milk.  I now buy milk every few weeks, so these are back on the menu!

Since I started eating wheat biscuits again I’ve tried the Tesco own brand version and then I switched to Lidl Bixies.  I found Bixies were larger (so more satisfying) and they didn’t seem to be “hard pressed bits of cardboard” which I found with the Tesco version (by comparison).

Lidl also have another range, in a white box, called “Simply” – I tried these and they, too, are smaller/tighter packed, so in my opinion the Lidl Simply wheat biscuits are not as good as the Lidl Bixies.

How to Serve: 

For me a portion is two wheat biscuits – these are 207 calories for two – and 100ml of milk. Yes I did measure it as I was intrigued… the amount is 90-100ml so there’s enough milk to make them moist, without finding any dry bits and without swamping the Bixies and wasting milk!

  1. Put two wheat biscuits in a bowl that’s large enough for them to lay flat.
  2. Carefully pour milk over them – I slowly trace round the edges/rim, then splash a little in the middle.  The objective here is to ensure all the wheat biscuit is moist, but not disintegrated!  As a rough rule of thumb, one pint of milk is enough for 6+ portions.
  3. Sprinkle 1 teaspoon of granulated sugar on top (10 grams, yes I weighed it once)
  4. Eat

I like to put the sugar on last so it’s not washed out of sight by the milk.

When to Eat Wheat Biscuits: 

That’s entirely up to you – I’ve eaten these at every meal time.  Traditionally you could say they are a breakfast cereal, but they also make a late night snack 🙂

Menu Cost: 

The price of Bixies is usually £1.85 for a box of 36, so that’s £0.05 each, £0.10 in total – you’ll see from the photo that I managed to pick up a box of 48 for that price!  Also 100ml of milk will vary between 4-8p, depending on whether you bought 1 pint, or 4 litres!  The sugar is under one penny.  The cost will be quite frugal though, most likely under £0.15.