Harvest Morn Honey Nut Cornflakes at Aldi

Harvest Morn Honey Nut Crunchy Corn Flakes Aldi

I do like honey nut cornflakes, so I grabbed a box the other day while I was in Aldi – it’s the Harvest Morn range.  I like to eat honey nut cornflakes as everything from a quick breakfast, to a portable snack.  I do eat cereals dry, so I’ve no need for any milk (or even a bowl).

The box cost just 89p (£0.89) for 500 grams -and with a portion of cereal being 40 grams according to the box this means it’s a budget busting 12½ portions of breakfast cereal at 7p a portion!  Lidl also have their own version, Crownfield Honey & Peanut Cornflakes, at about the same price.  I will admit I prefer the Lidl variety as they seem a little bit “lighter” to crunch..

Frugal Snacks:

When I serve this as a breakfast I’ll use a whole 40 grams portion – I’ve got a quick way of measuring these out by using a bowl that’s just the right size: Cereal Portion Control.

But when I eat these as a snack  I view them as being a replacement for a bag of crisps, which is 25 grams, so I just serve myself 25 grams of cereal to nibble on.  Used as a frugal snack, this box of cereal provides 20 portions, costing under 5p!  That’s cheaper than crisps!  A 25 gram snack bag of cereal is about 100 calories too, so fewer calories than crisps.  That’s a double win!  Healthier AND cheaper.

This is a great way to “Food Swap” your crisps if you’re on a diet!  So often a food swap costs you more, but this is cheaper.  Although they are high in sugar, when I am on a diet I only concentrate on calorie counting, so you’d need to check the nutrition in these cereals against your own personal targets and focus nutrients.