Corned Beef Can Key Broken or Missing?

The key was missing from the corned beef tin can – how annoying ….

Corned Beef Can Key Broken Missing

What do you do?  Most of the time you rely on the key that opens a can of corned beef being present and working – but there will come a time, one day, when something doesn’t go to plan.  That time was this week for me.

The key was missing from the can of corned beef I tried to open – bit of a nuisance.  Luckily for me I was at home, so didn’t rely on it!  I grabbed my regular tin opener.  But there’s a couple of tips you might find handy:

How to Open a Can of Corned Beef Without The Key:

  • If the top of the can is smaller than the bottom, you will need to open the BOTTOM, not the top.
  • Once you have used your regular can opener to open the largest end of the can, use it again to make a couple of slits in the other end.  This will break the vacuum and if you squeeze the sides of the can it should just slide out after a few seconds!

A nuisance, not a disaster, eh!

It might not be straight forward to open the can, but if you take care and don’t rush you’ll find even the corners of the tin will open with the tin opener.  It took me maybe 45 seconds from start to end to achieve it…. without any brute force or tears.

Open Corned Beef Tin