Aldi Bag for Life, You Take the Biscuit

Aldi Bag For Life Blue You Take The Biscuit

Another Aldi Bag for Life presented its opportunity to be purchased at the till today!  A glorious blue bag with the slogan “You Take the Biscuit” emblazoned across the front, using images of biscuits to replace some of the lettering.

I’m a sucker for these. I know I need to wean myself off them soon – I buy every new Aldi Bag for Life I spot and they’re getting better looking.

I wonder if they’ll have a Xmas Bag for Life …. if they do, I’ll get one of those 🙂

These bags are really good value, at just 40p each – and they’re so handy for sorting out stuff around the home, or for taking out in case I buy something while out!   I’ve now got yellow, brown, sage, light blue and this dark blue version …. I’ve no idea how often they print a new design, it seems like monthly!

I guess, as a hobby, collecting Aldi Bags for Life isn’t expensive – and can be justified as they do have 1000 different uses around the house, car and in life in general!

I even add “Bag for Life” to my shopping lists, so I’m reminded to cast my eye under the counter at the till, perchance a new design 🙂