Tiny House Living: Stackable Bread Bins

Tiny House Living Storage Stackable Bread Bins

If you’re into tiny house living, yet still crave a little bit of versatile style in your life, then it can be difficult on a small budget to get enough kitchen cupboard space.  Over the last 5 years or so I’ve moved multiple times, each time having to use a different kitchen – which can really throw your head in a spin as you try to get everything organised.

I found a really neat way to keep my kitchen cupboards organised – by using stackable bread bins!  They’re not sold as stackable, but they work brilliantly!  Instead of using curved bread bins, there are some great rectangular bread bins, with a drop down front door.  These are simple and easy to move around, to create the perfect look, they’ll fit into any small spaces you have – and they’re easy to take with you when you next move!

Stylish Stackable Storage!

The size I’ve got measures 39cm x 23cm x 21cm – and doesn’t say “BREAD” on the front.  They come flatpacked – so when you move house you can take them apart again, or simply wrap them up and take them complete with the contents!

The features that attracted me were:

  • Spacious interior
  • No handle on the top – the flat top makes them stackable or to put other items on top.
  • Affordable and portable.

Over time I’ve changed what I put into the bread bins, depending on current needs – they make a great place to keep all your spices and herbs together, or keep your pasta collection.  They’re also great for quickly organising dressing table clutter if you’re short of drawer space.

Personally, I love the fact they can be used and re-used around the house over time – and are easy to pick up and carry/move.  If you’re into decoupage, or painting, then you can quickly change the styling from wood to whatever look you want, without needing a vast space for your project!

You can check out the different sizes and styles on Amazon UK – maybe you can think of other uses for them too.  I’m wondering if four of them, in a 2×2 configuration, would make for a fast TV stand too, they could hold DVD collections and CDs out of sight!