Muffin Toppings: Jam

I love bread muffins and use them in a variety of ways.  For muffin toppings I can whip up anything from a snack, to using them as part of a cooked breakfast.  For a cheery cold winter morning breakfast hot jam on a toasted English muffin can be a fast and cheery start to the day.

Muffins are best served by slicing them in half and toasting them.  You then add butter, or a topping of your choosing, and eat them while they are still warm.  Muffin Toppings Jam

Jam makes a great topping for muffins as a snack, or quick supper.

Any jam, or even marmalade, works.  Simply dig out your favourite and spoon it on!  There’s no need for any butter, making this probably healthier, in the eyes of some 🙂

These could also be served as a breakfast idea if you’re in a hurry and want a little sugar hit!