Can You Freeze Chinese Takeaway Chicken Balls?

Freeze Chinese Takeaway Chicken Batter Balls

When I buy chicken balls in batter from a Chinese takeaway there’s always far too much for me – I’ll most often reheat the chicken balls the following day, having kept them in the fridge.  But there’s a new takeaway I’m now using where the portions are larger, so I have started to freeze the Chinese takeaway chicken balls.

You can reheat these chicken balls in the coming weeks or months to make your own Chinese Fakeaway!


  1. All chicken is best chilled or frozen ASAP – certainly within an hour of it being cooked/served.  If you’ve collected it from the Chinese takeaway, or had it delivered, the clock’s already ticking.  The best way to store the chicken safely is to immediately wrap and box up the leftover Chinese takeaway as you’re serving yourself what you plan to eat.  This way it’s not going to be forgotten or overlooked.
  2. You can wrap the chicken balls up and pop them into the fridge straight away – to chill.  Once chilled, you can transfer them to the freezer.  Sometimes I’ll move the chilled chicken balls from the fridge to the freezer the next day once I’m certain I won’t be eating them straight away.
  3. Wrap the chicken balls up in a freezer bag or sealed takeaway box for the freezer.

Reheating Chinese Takeaway Chicken Balls

  1. You can cook Chinese takeaway chicken from frozen – spread the chicken balls out on a baking tray – individually, not piled up, to give them space all round.
  2. Bake the chicken balls in batter in a pre-heated oven at 190°C for 20-25 minutes.  Personally, I “do it by eye” to decide when they’re cooked.  The chicken just needs to be PIPING hot all the way through to be safe.

Do Chinese Takeaway Chicken Balls Dry Out?

If you’re worried about the chicken balls drying out when you’re reheating them, then wrap each one in a thin layer of cooking foil before baking, this will keep the moisture in them.

We’re all different – and so will have our favourite textures and make our own choices on the best way.

Take Advantage of Chinese Takeaway Deals

By chilling/freezing Chinese takeaway meals you can take advantage of the special deals the Chinese takeaways offer to people who are ordering more!  Do be careful though – if you don’t normally eat many takeaway meals then this could lead you into over-eating them, just because they’re in the freezer.  It’s a balance of cost/savings and being mindful of your overall takeaway consumption.

Is it Safe to Reheat Chinese Takeaway Chicken?

In short, yes.  The important part of the equation is how quickly you cool and store the leftovers, then to ensure that when you reheat the chicken it is PIPING hot.  Don’t skimp.  If you left the chicken out overnight in the kitchen where it’s warm, then the chicken’s had many hours to become “unsafe” and you shouldn’t freeze/reheat this chicken.  Act FAST to chill/cool and freeze the chicken; reheat PROPERLY and it’s fine.