Microwave Mug Breakfast Scrambled Eggs, Sausages, Hash Browns & Baked Beans

Microwave Mug Breakfast Scrambled Eggs Sausages Hash Browns Baked Beans

You can make this hot cooked breakfast in the microwave using mugs! Microwave mug breakfasts can be made quickly from what you’ve got to hand, or just items you like.  Today I made a microwave mug breakfast with two scrambled eggs, ready cooked sausages, frozen hash browns and some leftover baked beans.

You can buy ready cooked sausages (I tend to use ready cooked cocktail sausages as they’re more easily found), or you can cook your own and keep/freeze the leftovers ready for a breakfast.

Breakfast Items:

  • Microwave Scrambled Eggs: The scrambled eggs are best cooked in a mug. I like to use a mug that doesn’t have straight sides, but that slope towards the bottom, as this suits the method of mixing and stirring as there are no “corners” to scrape into.
  • Frozen hash browns can be cooked in a mug in the the microwave. Hash browns perform better if you lay them down flat, in a small dish.  I have a large selection of small dishes for microwave cooking, including a lot I’ve kept after I’ve had a ready meal for one.
    Tip: If you’re going to serve this breakfast on a plate or in a bowl, so long as they are microwave safe you could use your serving plate or dish to cook these!
  • Baked Beans: The beans were cooked in a mug. You can mix the sausages and the beans together and cook at the same time if you wish – this does make the sausages retain their moisture and look better.  If you want to keep them separate, but still only use one mug, then cook the sausages first, then the beans.
  • Microwave Sausages: I find it best to microwave the sausages in a little hot water so they don’t dry out.  If I am cooking the sausages alongside baked beans or tinned tomatoes I’ll sometimes cook the sausages in the same mug, which keeps the sausages moist and reduces washing up!

This cooked breakfast can be cooked in the microwave in 3-4 minutes maximum!  Serve with a splash of your favourite brown sauce.

My current favourite hash browns are the Harvest Basket Hash Browns from Lidl, because they’re a good size, good colour and a great texture and taste.  I’ve also tried the Iceland hash browns, which I found to be disappointing when compared as they’re smaller and not so firm and “nice looking”.  Having said that, we’ve all got access to different shops, so why not just try any frozen hash browns you can get your hands on.

Menu Cost – 50p:

Because I buy ready cooked cocktail sausages, this isn’t the cheapest breakfast possible – the cocktail sausages work out at about 4p each, so five cocktail sausages is 20p.  If you cook your own sausages that’s closer to 10p for one sausage.  The baked beans are 1/3rd of a tin, at 8p. One egg is 8p. Two hash browns are about 12p.  With the butter for the scrambled eggs and brown sauce, the total cost of this is therefore close to 50p.  But it is a filling breakfast – and it’s hot.