Microwave Carrots

Cook Microwave Carrots

You can microwave carrots in a microwave oven in just 5 minutes.  There is no chopping and no boiling.  The carrots will come out very soft and you can slice through them once they’re cooked if you wish.  This is a much easier way to cook carrots than other ways.

Use any quantity, but keep them in one layer to give them chance to cook through.

  • Peel your carrots – if you’ve got a simple vegetable peeler this will take a few seconds.
  • Place your carrots in a microwave steamer, or a microwave safe dish, in a single layer, to enable the steam to reach them all.
  • Add a little water, up to about 1/3rd of the way up the carrots if in a dish, if you’re using a microwave steamer, then the regular amount of water in the base.
  • Microwave for 5 minutes.

If you wish to slice the carrots at this point, you’ll find the knife slides through them like a hot knife through butter! Why waste time cutting hard carrots, when you can leave this task to the end and simply slice through soft carrots!

No Chopping Carrots!

One of the off-putting things with cooking carrots is the food prep: the peeling and chopping stages – there’s always one chunk that flies across the kitchen!  With this microwave cooking method you can forget all that – I used to find chopping carrots quite a pain to do and would often just not bother to cook them because it’s “such an effort”.  By using the microwave to cook the carrots, there’s no effort at all.

Mashed Carrot and Swede

If you cook a couple of carrots in this way, you can easily mash them and add them to mashed swede.  Swede is easy to microwave using the Singing Swede method.

Carrots in a Microwave Steamer

You just need to put water in the bottom and place the carrots on top. Pop on the lid.  I use the steamer to cook most vegetables, it retains nutrients and lessens steam being produced!

Microwave Carrots Steamer