Microwave Jalapeno Quarterpounder, Bread Roll & Chips

Aldi Jalapeno Quarterpounder Burger Cheese Microwave Chips

This is a super speedy way to get hot and tasty food onto your plate – and has been one of my favourite meals this summer.  You can microwave frozen quarterpounder burgers – and that’s the basis of this speedy microwave jalapeno quarterpounder and chips meal that I eat often.  I find it’s especially handy during the summer months when talk turns to BBQ meals and I just want a burger and not a 2 hour wait!

Today I’m using the Aldi Specially Selected Sweet & Fiery Jalapeno Quarterpounder Burgers, a large Aldi bread roll (which I haven’t toasted this time), some cheddar cheese and some frozen oven chips.  This method works with any brands.


  • 1 Jalapeno Quarterpounder, frozen
  • 1 large bread roll
  • 1 slice of cheddar cheese
  • 250 grams frozen oven chips
  • A splash of tomato ketchup or relish, optional


I will typically “juggle” the cooking of these two items, cooking the chips and burgers in short bursts and swapping the dishes over in the microwave.

  1. Microwave the frozen oven chips – this will take you typically 9-10 minutes.  I do this in three blasts of 3 minutes each.  Each time I remove the chips from the oven I put the burger in for its next blast.
  2. Place the frozen burger into a lidded microwave safe dish and microwave on full power for 1½ minutes, let it rest, turn the burger over, microwave for 1 minute, let it rest, turn the burger over.  Place the cheese slice on top of the burger and microwave for a further 30 seconds or so, until the cheese is just starting to melt.  You will be able to see when it’s cooked – the burger changes colour.  Optionally drain off the fat as you go along, or leave it and drain it off at the end.
  3. Place the cheese topped jalapeno burger into your bread roll, add a splash of ketchup or relish, then serve the chips beside the burger!

This is really fast and tasty.  Sometimes I’ll toast the bread roll, sometimes not.

Freezing Bread Rolls:

I freeze bread rolls just so I can always have one available for a burger – I like the large bread rolls so they completely envelope the burger and any toppings I’ve got!  If I am using a frozen bread roll I’ll defrost it before cooking the burger and chips by wrapping it in a sheet of kitchen paper and microwaving on full power for 20-30 seconds – I’ll then keep the bread roll wrapped in the kitchen roll until it’s time to put the burger inside it!

Menu Cost 71p

The burgers cost about 45p, bread roll 11p, chips 15p, slice of cheese 4p, making this a 75p meal!  For me this would be the main meal of the day.