Microwave Chilli Beef Kebab Bites

Microwave Chilli Beef Kebab Bites

Having made up some sweet chilli beef kebab meat shapes the other day, I still had some left overs, so decided to use one of the lengths to make up a chilli beef kebab bite, with sweet chilli sauce as a quick microwave snack.

You don’t have to make your own kebab meat though, you can just buy a pack of ready made kebab meat if you wish – often found sold on skewers in supermarkets (usually at about £8/Kg, whereas making your own costs closer to £5/Kg).  This method works equally well on home made, from scratch, raw beef kebabs, or shop bought!

If I’d been the type of person who always had salad in the house I’d have put more salad in here – but I tend to only possess a big stack of salad items 1-2x a year.


  • 1-2 kebab lengths from the Chilli beef kebab from this recipe: Sweet Chilli Beef Kebab Recipe, weighing typically 75-80 grams each
  • One bread roll
  • Half a tomato, sliced
  • A splash of sweet chilli sauce


  1. Cut up the kebab mix into small pieces, or reshape it into flattened rounds.  Today I just used ONE length of kebab meat as this was a quick snack, but two is better if it’s for “a meal”.
  2. Place the pieces into a microwave safe dish with a lid, or covered with clingfilm, leaving room for steam to escape.  I use the Systema noodle bowls and soup mugs, or even a mug to cook small quantities in.
  3. Microwave on full power for 1½ minutes (800 watts).  Check/turn the pieces and microwave for a further 1 minute.  If you’re cooking just 1-4 small pieces of meat and the container allows them to have space, then this should be enough cooking time.  If you’ve used an under-sized dish, then give them another turn/stir and microwave for a further 1 minute
  4. Slice the tomato into the bread roll and toss a generous splash of sweet chilli sauce onto the top of the roll.
  5. Place your kebab bites into the roll – and eat!

Best served hot, but you can cool down the kebab meat if you wish, then add it to the roll once cold and wrap it up to take to work with you as a packed lunch.

I’ve still got 2-3 lengths of this kebab mix I made the other day in the fridge, so I’ll freeze the rest for now!

Menu Cost – 52p: 

At a guess, the bites cost 20p each to make and the bread roll cost me 12p.  So that’s 52p for the bread roll and two kebab bites, plus the cost of the sweet chilli sauce and half a tomato (~5p).  Let’s call this 60p.