Tips for Freezing Bread Rolls

You can freeze bread and bread rolls, by simply opening the freezer door and throwing them in. There. Job done…. but ….

Slice Bread Rolls Before Freezing

… it’s when you come to use those bread rolls that you start to realise how that idea was flawed a little and you can make life a little easier for yourself by putting in just 30 seconds of work right now.

Here are my two quick tips for freezing bread rolls, to make them easier to use when you grab one from the freezer!

  • Slice the bread rolls before freezing. This makes sense because you’re going to have to slice the bread rolls at some point – and it makes sense to slice them all in one go. If you’re cutting just one bread roll it always makes sense to cut the rest of the pack too! You’ve got the knife in your hand, this saves time. When freezing bread rolls the aim is to be able to use them at some future point and it’s harder to slice a bread roll that you might’ve microwaved to defrost!
  • Freeze bread rolls flat.  If they’ve come in a packet you’ll most likely be freezing them in the same wrapper, but rather than just throwing them in, lay them out carefully so they are flat.  You’ll gain because they’ll take up less freezer space – but, more importantly, they’ll retain their shape and so look better when you come to use them.
  • Use freezer clips: Make sure the bag you’re freezing the bread rolls in is tightly sealed, this will keep the frozen bread rolls in the best condition possible.  I’ve got a whole pot of freezer clips I use to seal any packet once I’ve opened it – they are perfect for freezer use as it means you’re able to safely move things around without fear of the contents being lost.

Bread Rolls Freezer Clip

If you are freezing your bread rolls to be used for cheeseburgers in the future then you might consider cutting a slice of cheese and freezing a slice of cheese inside the bread roll.  If you do this you can grab just one frozen roll from the freezer, knowing you’ve also got one slice of cheese ready to go too.  When you’re just making a quick cheeseburger etc for one person this saves you making a mess and creating washing up, simply to cut one slice of cheese (which can be annoying).

You can just freeze bread rolls by throwing them into the freezer, but I just find that slicing them first and freezing them flat gives me a better outcome on the day I choose to use one!

You can freeze any bread rolls.  They’re best used within 3 months because bread deteriorates over time and you might find that, while still edible, they look a bit unappetising if you freeze them for longer!

How to Defrost Bread Rolls:

To defrost your bread rolls, simply put them into an airtight bag or box on the worktop or in the fridge.  They will take a few hours, depending on the size and how many you’re defrosting.

Microwave defrost: it takes just seconds to defrost bread rolls in the microwave.  Try 15-30 seconds and see how they’re doing.  I’ll usually wrap the roll in paper kitchen towel so all the moisture doesn’t disappear.  Once defrosted the bread rolls will be a “bit floppy”, which is why it’s best to slice them in half before freezing, as it can be difficult to slice a microwaved roll in half without it losing its shape.