Coronation Turkey Sandwiches

Coronation Turkey Sandwich Filling Recipe

Coronation Turkey sandwiches are the perfect way to add a little bit of taste to those Christmas turkey leftovers!  Once made and potted up in the fridge, it’s easy to just grab the pot and make a quick and tasty sandwich on demand.

This year I’d cooked a turkey breast in the slow cooker, then cooled it, wrapped it in foil and put it into the fridge.  I also had some sultanas in the cupboard, bought earlier in the year when I made a steamed sultana pudding.  I’d also got some dried apricots going spare.  There’s always mayonnaise and curry powder in the cupboard, so that was it, my ingredients.

Coronation Turkey Sandwich Filling Recipe

There are a few coronation chicken recipes that can be used, depending on what you like in yours and what you’ve got available in the cupboard.  I just went with using mayonnaise, curry powder, sultanas, chopped apricots and chopped turkey breast.

Can You Freeze Coronation Turkey Sandwich Filling?

It shouldn’t really be frozen – when you defrost it the mayonnaise will most likely become unattractive and unappetising.  You can mix all the other ingredients together and freeze those in portions, then add the curry mayonnaise mix to the turkey/sultana/apricot when you defrost the portion pack.

How Long Can You Keep Coronation Turkey in the Fridge?

The answer depends on when the turkey was cooked.  If you’ve cooked it yourself, then you should eat that within four days or so.  If you’ve made Coronation Turkey with the leftovers on the third day then that would need to be eaten within a day.  If you’ve bought turkey breast ready cooked in a packet from a supermarket, then the instructions and dates on that pack are what you should follow.