Fruit in a Sandwich? Banana Sandwich

Banana Sandwich More Fruit 10Day
One of 10 a Day! In an attempt to eat more fruit and veg, many of us are looking for easy swaps and easy solutions. I’ve always relied heavily on bread and sandwiches – so I realised that one way to increase my fruit consumption would be to explore more sandwich fillings. I’ve always enjoyed a banana sandwich! They’re under-rated in my opinion, but were a staple snack food when I was growing up.
Today, therefore, it will be banana sandwich for a snack – it’ll be tasty and fill me up and I’ll feel I scored one small win in the fight against food shamers 🙂

Bananas are easily available and quite affordable. They keep well too, so it’s easier to find them, buy them and use them up before they go off.

Banana Sandwich Eat More Fruit

How to Make a Banana Sandwich: 

  • Spread butter, margarine or other spread of your choice onto bread.
  • Slice the banana up and place it across the bread.
  • Fit the lid to the sandwich, cut and eat!

What Else Goes With Banana?

In addition to the banana, I can mix in other fillings at some point:

  • Banana and Peanut Butter Sandwich
  • Banana and Nutella Sandwich, or any Chocolate Spread
  • Banana with Raisins/Sultanas Sandwich.
  • Banana with Apricot Jam Sandwich.

So I’m not just “stuck with” plain banana!

Sometimes just eating a banana doesn’t seem “enough” as a meal – and if I’ve got bread to use up, then it makes sense to make a banana sandwich; I probably have about 3-4 of these a year!

Another favourite dessert I make is a banana custard, so I bet that’ll be on the menu later this week.