Easy 5 Minute Microwave Plum Crumble

Easy Microwave Plum Crumble

I’ve got plums to eat, I’ve bought them to attend a BBQ and there are way too many for that so tonight I fancied a sweet snack and made one of my winter favourites, even though it’s peak summer right now!  All the plums need to be eaten, so I thought I’d make a start with the first two!

Ingredients:5 Minute Microwave Plum Crumble Custard

  • 2 plums
  • 80 grams packet crumble mix – you can make your own, but I used a packet as my “cheat” 🙂


  1. Remove stones from the plums and cut the plums into pieces of the size/shape you want; I sliced mine quite thinly.
  2. Put the cut up plums into a microwave-safe bowl.  Just taste a little piece, to check if it’s sweet enough.  If your plums aren’t sweet enough then mix 1-2 teaspoons of sugar in with the plums.
  3. Sprinkle your crumble over the top of the plums, until the plums are covered – not deep, just covered.
  4. Put a lid on your microwave bowl and microwave the plum crumble for 2 minutes (800 watt microwave).
  5. Remove the lid and sit the crumble to one side for a minute or so – the lid will have kept the moisture in, so this sitting time helps the crumble topping to dry out a little.
  6. Put the unlidded dish back into the microwave and microwave again, on full power, for 30 seconds, then let it rest for 30 seconds or so.  Finally, microwave it for a final 30 seconds.

The actual timings will vary a little depending on how many plums you use and the power of your microwave and the depth of your crumble mix, but you’ll be able to adjust it as you go along (e.g. cook it a little longer or shorter) and next time add your own “twist” maybe!

I served my microwave plum crumble with some instant custard (a stock item in my cupboard of food cheats!)

How Does Microwave Crumble Taste?

Taste wise the taste is fine – the plums were lovely and the crumble was better than what I’d have got if I’d bought a packaged microwave crumble packet.  It won’t be as good as a plum crumble baked in the oven as that cooking time will give the crumble topping longer to dry out and bake; however, for what it was, in the time it took to make, it’s definitely well worth doing.

Can I Use Frozen Plums to Make Crumble?

Yes you can – if you’re using frozen plums then just defrost them in the microwave before adding the topping.  Defrosting will probably take you about 2 minutes, then use the same timings as above for using fresh plums.

Can I Use Tinned Plums to Make Crumble?

You can, you’ll probably find a tin of plums is too many, but just double up the topping, or cook this two days in a row using half a can each day, or just freeze the second half of the canned plums ready for next time.

Menu Cost:

The two plums were part of a punnet I bought at Lidl, costing £0.59, it contained eight plums, so the plums cost £0.15. The crumble mix I used was from a 227 gram Morrisons packet, costing £0.45, I used 80 grams, costing £0.16.  The instant custard was half a packet of Lidl instant custard, which costs £0.27, so that’s £0.14.

The total cost of this plum crumble and custard was £0.45.