Cooking Swede Portions in a Microwave

Quarter Swede Cooked Remove Skin With Spoon

If you just want to cook half a swede in a microwave, or a quarter of a swede, then there’s no need to peel it first. If you want to cook sliced swede, or diced swede, this is the easiest way to cook it – cook it first, then slice or dice the swede once it’s cooked.

I use my microwave steamer to cook a swede quarter or half a swede, but if you don’t have a steamer then you can still cook the swede easily, without peeling it first!

You can cook a whole swede using the Singing Swede method without peeling it – but if you want to cook just a chunk of a swede you have bought, then use this method.  No peel method!  Swedes are very tough vegetables and almost impossible to peel, so it’s best to avoid peeling the swede before you cook it.  With this method there’s no need to.


  1. Place your half a swede or quarter of a swede into a steamer, a microwave steamer, or a dish with a lid. Place it with the skin facing upwards, which will help to trap the moisture inside. I add water to the steamer.  Your dish will need to either have a lid, or to be covered with clingfilm (with a tiny vent hole for steam to escape).
    Cook Quarter Swede Half Swede Without Peeling
  2. Microwave on high power for about 13 minutes. You can check if it’s done by sliding a knife into the middle to check it’s soft.
  3. Take a large spoon and slide it between the swede and the skin to remove the skin, it will come off in one lot.
    Quarter Swede Cooked Remove Skin With Spoon

You can now mash the swede, slice it, or create diced swede easily as the flesh is soft.

Microwave Cooked Swede Skin Removed With SpoonIt is as simple as that.

Just cut a chunk off a swede you’ve bought and microwave it for 13 minutes….. the hardest bit is cutting the swede into quarters or halves, but it’s only one cut and no peeling!