Cereal Portion Control Made Easy

Cereal Portion Size Control Easy

Cereal’s an easy breakfast choice, grab a bowl, pour out the cereal … and away you go.  The trouble with many breakfast cereals is they actually contain a lot of sugars and calories – which you might not realise you’re eating as you’re thinking “cereal is healthy, this is a good breakfast”.

So when I bought a box of Honey Nut Cornflakes the other week I decided to read the box and see how many grams of cereal are in a portion – it said 40 grams.  So I decided to find out how much that is.  I knew it wasn’t a great deal, so I reached for my handy Charlie Bigham’s pie dishes to weigh out the cereal.

These dishes are small, being only 4½” wide (11.5cm) – but they turned out to be the perfect breakfast bowl size to fit one portion into!   Cereal Portion Control Bowl

The benefit of these bowls is that they’re wide enough to make the cereal look like a portion, rather than making it look small.

I also use a teaspoon to eat the cereal with!

It’s great that I can now just grab one of these bowls and know it’s the perfect size for measuring out one portion of 40 grams – because, as we know, if you go by eye you’ll end up with closer to 2 portions 🙂

Not on a Diet!

I am not on a diet – I avoid diets by knowing what I eat and how large a portion is – I can still eat more than a portion, but this way I know when I’m doing it rather than simply being in denial.


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