Can You Microwave Frozen Yorkshire Puddings?

Microwave Frozen Yorkshire Puddings

If you’re making a microwave Sunday lunch in a hurry, you might want to cook frozen Yorkshire puddings – but can you microwave Yorkshire puddings?  Most frozen Yorkshire puddings are sold “ready baked” and the cooking instructions will tell you to pop them into the oven for just 3-4 minutes to re-heat them.

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You can microwave ready cooked Yorkshire puddings from frozen – whether they’re Aunt Bessie’s or supermarket own brand.  What they won’t do is crisp up, like they would if you re-heated them in the oven.  They will, however, warm up!

To Microwave Yorkshire Puddings: 

  1. Remove the frozen Yorkshire puddings from the freezer when you start cooking the rest of the meal, that will give them a chance to warm up a little bit before you microwave them; this isn’t essential, I just think it helps a bit.
  2. Place the Yorkshire puddings upside down on a sheet of kitchen paper in the microwave.  Do not cover as you want any cooking steam to disperse.
  3. Microwave on high power for 30-45 seconds – until the bottoms (which are uppermost) are no longer cold.

Be careful – if you re-heat ready-cooked Yorkshire puddings for too long in the microwave they go rubbery!  30-45 seconds is usually enough – after that it’s hit and miss…

If you’re pouring hot gravy on the puddings anyway that’ll help to warm them through, so all you’re really doing is warming them through to remove the cold!  They were already cooked before they were frozen.

Given the choice, Yorkshire puddings will always be best when reheated in the oven – but if that’s not an option, it’s at least nice to know you don’t have to go without!

As a rule of thumb, I probably microwave Yorkshire puddings 50% of the time I make a quick Sunday lunch for one, I’d mostly only “bother” to reheat them in my mini oven if I’m already putting it on for one of the other parts of the meal.  If the mini oven’s not on, there’s no point in getting it out and moving things around on the worktop just to reheat 2-3 small Yorkshire puddings!