Charlie Bigham Pie Dishes

Charlie Bigham Pie Dishes

The Charlie Bigham Pie dishes are a keeper.  They’re so handy for small portions, or when cooking for one – but I’ve also discovered other uses for them!

Charlie Bigham makes a range of (expensive!) individual pies in little white pie dishes – but the pie dishes aren’t disposable, they are reusable – and have a value in themselves, so you’ll often see them for sale on ebay.

Two Charlie Bigham Pies will cost £7 at full price, it’d be sacrilege to throw those dishes away!

How Big Are These Pie Dishes?

Sold as individual pies, these small dishes are 4″ wide, 11cm.

Charlie Bigham Pie DishesSomebody will have done some product research and decided that this is the perfect sized dish for a single small pie.

However, I have found that it’s “too small” for individual portions of potato bakes, but are great for making small portions of baked stuffing, a single Yorkshire pudding, individual quiches or individual portions of steamed puddings or other hot and cold desserts.  They work well, too as individual trifle bowls, generous ramekins and more.  Perfect for parties.  They also make great dipping pots!  It’s endless really!

Charlie Bigham pies scream “Look – I’m wealthy enough to just spend, spend, spend when it comes to food”, but you don’t have to spend £7 on two small pies just to get the dishes because fans of the pie range soon find themselves swamped in dishes they’ve kept, so they do turn up regularly for sale on ebay – meaning you can quickly grab yourself as many as you need if you want individual portions of a starter or dessert – or if you’re hosting a BBQ or family party and want several dipping dishes.  This is last minute catering on a budget!

They are of course oven proof and freezer safe.  They are ceramic, so probably not ideal in a microwave (I’ve not tested them myself yet, as I’ve just used them for baking small tarts, quiche, savoury egg bakes and individual cottage pies.  Here are some of the ways I’ve used these handy dishes: Charlie Bigham Pie Dishes.  Cooking for one, it can be difficult to find “the right dish” for everything you cook, so building a small collection of small dishes, over time, really helps.

Other Uses:

These pots are just the right size for a variety of other handy uses – such as small plant and cactus holders, or even just to pop in a drawer and hold all manner of small items you randomly save “in case”.

Genuine Charlie Bigham Pie Dishes

Each one of the pie dishes has the Charlie Bigham signature on the bottom, which is how you can tell it’s “one of his” – and, as they’re the same price as cheaper/flawed dishes for sale in cheap shops, it’s worth knowing that these are well made.

Charlie Bigham Pie Dish Signature Mark

How Much Do Charlie Bigham Pie Dishes Cost?

The best answer to this question always comes from ebay’s current prices.  There will be peaks in demand and sales, so today’s best prices will always be found online, where you can buy any quantity you choose and pick the best price.  Of course, you could always buy a pack of two pies for £7, eat the pies and wash the dishes up yourself … :

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