3 Minute Quick Poach Pod Chocolate Cornflake Crispies

Quick Chocolate Cornflake CrispiesThese are 3 minute quick chocolate cornflake crispies made in a poach pod as I can make just one or two of them and not be too greedy!  I use the poach pods to melt the chocolate, then I pour cornflakes into the melted chocolate and mix them up, before popping the whole poach pod into the fridge to set.

When I was growing up I used to use another recipe which used dried milk, margarine and cocoa powder, but this is quicker and simpler and uses just 2 ingredients!

Using this poach pod chocolate cornflake crispies recipe means that today I only made TWO cornflake crispies!


  • A few squares of chocolate – today I’ve used the Lidl 30p chocolate bars and I’ve just used one strip.
  • “Enough” cornflakes – today I’ve used honey nut crunch cornflakes, again from Lidl at 85p/500 gram box.


  1. Break the chocolate into small pieces and drop it into the poach pods.
    Melt Chocolate Poach Pods Microwave
  2. Place the poach pods in a microwave safe dish (just to make it easier to lift them in and out) and place the dish in the microwave.  Microwave on low/medium power for 1-2 minutes, watching/checking all the time to ensure the chocolate is melting and not burning.
  3. Remove the poach pods from the microwave and slowly add the cornflakes, coating them in chocolate – hold the poach pod in your hand and mix it together using a big spoon.
    Microwave Chocolate Crispies
    Place the poach pods back into the dish you were using and put the whole lot in the fridge to set.  Don’t forget to lick the spoon clean 🙂

Once set, as the poach pods are made of silicone, they just slide straight out, so you’ve the minimum of washing up to do!

These are great as a quick snack, or a last minute dessert.  Alternatively, you can just use the poach pods to melt the chocolate and make one large/flat chocolate cornflake crispie cookie!

Menu Cost <10p

I’ve not calculated the cost of these, but it’s about 3-4p of chocolate and similar for the cornflakes, so it’s well under 10p I bet!