Village Bakery Burger Buns Review

Village Bakery Aldi Burger Buns Seeded Sliced

I picked up a pack of The Village Bakery Burger Buns, seeded and sliced – I’ve never actually bought burger buns before, so I’ve no idea how that happened! These are sold at Aldi and cost 69p for a pack of 6 burger buns.

So, having never bought burger buns before, once I’d got them home I looked at them in despair as I really didn’t understand why I’d chosen those. I usually always use regular white rolls for all food – burger buns have seeds on the top and when I see seeds I think “Ah, they’ll end up on the floor then and in my lap and then be stuck in my teeth”! If I had a time machine I’d go back and buy the brioche burger buns instead (79p for 6).

So, enough of the whining – how were they?

Ready sliced, these are a great burger bun if you’re hosting a barbecue or haven’t yet bought a knife… even I’ve got a knife and I never hold barbecues, so this is a redundant feature. When I open a pack of bread rolls I always slice every one of them immediately, this is because I’ve already got the knife in my hand and I know I’ll make a bit of a mess, so it makes sense to take an extra minute to slice the lot and just make a mess once.

I think I was a little disappointed with them – I don’t think this is because of the brand, I think this is just because they aren’t to my personal taste. I found the seeds DID drop off in my lap, on the floor and some stuck in my teeth, but I think I found the recipe for burger buns is probably a little drier than I like my bread rolls to be.  Village Bakery Burger Buns Aldi Bread

Quarter Pounder Sized

I toasted one of the burger buns as I used the first two to serve up two Oakhurst Quarter Pound Burgers, with the second being served in an untoasted bread roll (because I couldn’t wait!).

When I saw the size of the raw burger and the size of the bread rolls I did think they wouldn’t fit, but the burger shrunk during cooking so they ended up the same size!

Maybe burger buns appear drier because they need to be more robust to hold a burger and other items without falling apart – something that’s important if you’re wandering round a car boot sale, or a field with a fairground in it, but I was sitting on my sofa 🙂

Would I Buy These Again?

No. But that’s not because they were bad – I think I’m just not somebody who enjoys burger buns!  If I were sent out by somebody to “buy burger buns, you know, ready sliced ones with seeds on the top” I’d not avoid these …. but if I were asked to recommend any I’d just stay quiet and say “Dunno, I don’t eat those”