Cheesecake Base Ratio, Biscuits and Butter

Cheesecake Base Ratios Biscuits Butter

Making a cheesecake base from a recipe is straight forward, but if you’re making a cheesecake for one person, making a small cheesecake, or scaling up to make a large cheesecake, then you will want to know the cheesecake base ratio for biscuits and butter.

It will depend, in part, which biscuits you use, but when it comes to using digestive biscuits, then I’ll always start with roughly the same ratio.  It’s not an exact science, you do have to go a little bit “by eye” to see if it’s how you like it.

The ratio of biscuits to butter will affect whether the cheesecake base is firm and stays intact, or crumbles away.  I like the base to be firm and to stay together, but to be cut up with the side of my spoon while I am eating it, with the base still staying intact.

I use Lidl Tower Gate Digestive Biscuits, you get about 27 biscuits in the packet and they cost 31p.  They are nice and crumbly!

The ratio I use is by weight.  Each digestive biscuit weighs 14-15grams.  I will use half this weight for the butter.

How to Measure Small Quantities of Butter: 

I’ve found the best way to get the correct weight of butter is to stand the butter on the digital scales and see how much it weighs, then to calculate how much I want and to do the maths to work out how much the butter will weigh after I’ve taken what I need.  I’ll then use a spoon to scrape away at the butter block until the scales read the right value.

e.g. using 3 digestive biscuits, weighing 44 grams, I will be looking to use ~22 grams of butter.  If I put the butter pack on the scales and it reads 200 grams, then I will be scraping off the butter until the scales show just under 180 grams.  As the measurements aren’t critical, it’s OK to be a few grams either way!

For 3 digestive biscuits you’re looking at about 2 teaspoons of butter, so start by scraping out a large chunk and then see how that’s going…