10 a Day Aldi Tinned Peaches

Aldi Everyday Essentials Peach Slices Light Syrup 10Day

If you’re looking for ways to eat your 10 a day that they now recommend (that few people will ever hope to achieve imho!), then fitting some tinned peaches into your shopping basket’s a bit of a win.  I like to have a few tins of food in the cupboard I can just “grab” if I’m hungry and don’t wish to actually make a meal.  Maybe it’s midnight, or maybe I’m in the middle of something – but I always make sure that I have something to grab – and tinned peaches are one of my constant companions.

Ideal cupboard stocks in case you’re ill – if you’re not feeling perky it’s always good to have a tin of fruit to dip into!

As Aldi have opened up close to me I’m now the proud owner of a couple of tins of Aldi Everyday Essentials Sliced Peaches in Syrup.  Now, I’d have preferred it if the tin had said “peaches in juice”, but it didn’t – and the price was right, so that was the decider for me…. and they came home with me.

One can of the Everyday Essentials Peach Slices is supposed to give four servings -although I usually eat half a can at a time, I did eat a whole can one night!

The can contains 58% peaches – and once opened can be stored in a lidded pot in the fridge for 2 days.

There are 60 calories per 100 gram serving – and 80 grams (drained) counts as one portion of fruit.  This is probably a quick low calorie option if you’re a calorie counter (it’s how I keep on top of things as, for me, it’s a simple counting up of numbers!)

These cans cost just 33p and weigh 411 grams, so that’s 8p per portion – ideal if you’re putting together your menu for the Live Below the Line challenge!  This is a quick and tasty portion of fruit that won’t go off as you stick it in the cupboard until you need it!

I will often use half a can of these peaches to make a quick and generous Peach Crumble when I’ve got no plums!