A Savoury or Sweet Christmas?

Savoury Christmas Food Pizza

How do you choose?  With so many Christmas treats being thrust at us in all forms of 24/7 advertising, one realisation I’ve just made is that I need to concentrate on what I really want to eat as treats.   Christmas can be a time where people’s thoughts turn to cakes, chocolates and all manner of sweet treats.  It’s too easy to get carried away and buy all the loveliness that’s around at this time of year…. while that sounds great at the time, 2-3 days later it doesn’t feel quite so great.

However, I am more of a “savoury food person”.  So, in an attempt to nail my Christmas food shopping list, I am now aware that I mustn’t be tricked and cajoled into buying unnecessary chocolate items – when I could use those nibble opportunities to enjoy more savoury food.

Sausage Rolls or Christmas Cake?

I love pizza, quiche, sausage rolls and crisps – much more than cakes, chocolates and cream.  And so I can immediately justify removing a lot of food from my list of food I could buy and eat!  That makes shopping easier to do as I can now be more focussed on that.

Christmas food needs to be thought about for more than just one meal, one day – and if I don’t think and plan ahead I’ll be sitting here with a room full of chocolates, but nothing to eat!

There’s Christmas Eve – I’ve pencilled in a Chilli Beef Pizza for that night; Christmas Day will be the full Christmas dinner; Christmas Day evening I’ll just randomly scoff what I’ve got/fancy.  But then there is Boxing Day still to come!  I might have turkey curry and chips 🙂

I can see treats such as leftover Christmas turkey pasties looming 🙂  I’ve got a pasty maker, which is a nifty gadget to assist in quickly forming pasties.  All I need to pick up is some ready rolled pastry, which can be frozen if I don’t use it!

Savoury Christmas Food:

Here’s my list as it stands today!

  • Cocktail Sausages: I’ll have some cocktail sausages to use up, I’ll be buying a pack of about 40 of these and only eating 2-3 for Christmas dinner, so the remainder can be turned into pasties too, or maybe chilli sausage rice later in the week.  I also need to check I’ve got something I can use as a dipping sauce as I’ve got cocktail sticks I can use.
  • Sausage Rolls: I’m definitely going to have some sausage rolls.  At this stage I think I’ll just buy a pack of five or so, rather than making some.  Even though my sausage rolls are super easy and very tasty, I do end up with way too many! I make Sausage Rolls from a packet of sausages and ready rolled pastry, with or without a layer of chutney.
  • Crisps & Tortilla Chips: I’ll definitely be buying crisps, Walkers Tomato crisps are my regular Christmas week treat.  They’re on the list.  I’ve already got a pack of Jacob’s crackers, so I’ll need to check what chutneys I’ve already got, but keep an eye out for something different.  I’ve also already got a packet of tortillas, so will need to check the chutney I’ve got/bought is suitable to be used as a dip for those.
  • Quiche: I will definitely get some ready-rolled pastry in, I’ve enough food I can pop into that and bake up a quiche on demand!
  • Pizza: I think I’ll make Chilli Beef Pizza my default Christmas Eve meal.  Specifically the one from Asda’s deli counter where you choose your toppings and they make it in front of you.  I’ve never thought about specific food for Christmas Eve before, but this seems to be the perfect way to kick the foodfest season off 🙂
  • Sandwich Fillers: To be used in pitta breads and wraps, as well as sandwiches.  I’ll check I’ve got all the ingredients to make a pot or two of turkey coronation sandwich filling. I’ll also have fish fingers (yes, I KNOW it’s Christmas, but it’s MY Christmas so I can have what I fancy!).  These aren’t for Christmas Day, but the 2-3 days after.
  • Pate: I LOVE Orkney Crab pate, I’ll get some of that in!  Other flavours are available, so I’ll just have a quick look at those if I see any.  Yes, I could buy a crab and make my own – but then I’d end up with way too much, when all I need is a simple pot of pate!

Although I say I don’t like bacon, I do like the taste it brings to some recipes, so I’ll have to decide on buying bacon, which cut, how much – and/or whether to pick up some Quorn bacon instead, giving me the taste without the fat (which is what I dislike about most bacon).

It’s definitely going to be a Savoury Christmas here!  It’s decided – and it’s getting closer fast!  Now I need to get back to my list making and planning!