Quick Microwave Cheeseburger with Chilli Relish & Coleslaw

Quick Microwave Cheeseburger Chilli Relish Coleslaw

Summer means burgers and so I’m currently craving burgers of all sorts – probably because it’s peak season for the television bombarding us with adverts for BBQs.  I rarely use a BBQ, it’s just not worth the effort for one person – and the weather is so changeable that it’s simply not been part of my life.

Instead, I mostly cook beefburgers in the microwave these days.  I used to use a frying pan to cook them, but that takes quite awhile and creates a greasy pan that needs to be washed up, so the microwave is the way I’ve been cooking burgers for some years now.

I like to change what I eat, constantly trying out variations and other products – and earlier in the week I picked up a pack of four of the Asda Chilli & Lime Quarter Pounders.  So today I made a quick microwave cheeseburger with chilli relish!  I’d bought some of the large Aldi bread rolls especially, as I do like the burger bread rolls to surround the burger and any other fillings I use.

This time I’ve used coleslaw as I had already made a coleslaw salad that was in the fridge and needed using up.

You’ll Need:

  • 1 Asda chilli & lime quarter pounder beefburger (well, any one you’ve got will do won’t it!)
  • 1 bread roll
  • 1 slice of cheese, what you’ve got in the cupboard, I had some cheddar
  • Your favourite relish – I’ve currently got a chilli relish open, so that was the one!
  • Optional: coleslaw or salad to serve inside the bread roll, or alongside your cheeseburger


  1. Slice the bread roll in half.
  2. Remove the burger from all the packaging and place it in a microwave safe dish and put a lid on the dish.
  3. Microwave on full power (800 watts) for 2 minutes.
  4. Drain the excess fat off and turn the burger over and microwave again for 1½ minutes.
  5. Drain the excess fat off and put your cheese on top of the burger, still in the microwave dish.
  6. Microwave the burger/cheese for 30-45 seconds until the cheese has melted, or you’re bored of waiting and are happy with what you’ve got!
  7. You can toast the bread roll if you like it that way – sometimes I do, sometimes I don’t.
  8. Place the coleslaw or salad (if you’ve used them) on one half of the bread roll, then place the burger and cheese on top. Add a spoon of chilli relish, pop the other half of the bread roll on top. Eat.
    Microwave Cheeseburger With Coleslaw

And that’s it.