Microwave Breakfast Ideas: Sausage, Scrambled Eggs & Tomatoes

Microwave Breakfast Sausages Scrambled Eggs Tomatoes

Use just 2-3 mugs to make this filling cooked breakfast – made in the microwave it is not only speedy, but it can give you a great opportunity to fit in one of those “5-a-day” items we’re perpetually told we need to have.  Tinned tomatoes, fresh/grilled tomatoes, or even baked beans are all valid items!

When it comes to using the microwave to make a cooked breakfast, there’s no end to the microwave breakfast ideas and combinations you can think of!

What’s great about using the microwave to cook a hot breakfast is that you know it’s going to be fast AND tasty AND not create a massive amount of washing up.  All wins in my book. Cook each item separately in a mug if you wish, to produce a mug breakfast that’s easy to wash up!

PIN It: Microwave Breakfast

One easy microwave breakfast:  Sausages, Scrambled eggs, Tinned tomatoes.

  • Sausages: Cooking sausages in a microwave from scratch isn’t the way to go with this, what you need is to reheat ready cooked sausages.  Walls sell some Ready Baked sausages, sold in a pack of six, packaged in pairs, simply microwave two sausages for two minutes.  These are really tasty, although they do work out a little pricier than cooking your own sausages.  The sausages in the photo are just ready cooked cocktail sausages, which you can find in all supermarkets in the chiller section, as I find the Walls Ready Baked sausages harder to track down.  I microwaved the sausages for 2-3 minutes, in a little hot water to stop them drying out – turning 2-3x. The sausages are very moist and meaty.  Five cocktail sausages are a sausage portion equivalent to one regular sized sausage.
    TIP: You can cook the sausages and tomatoes together, saving yourself some washing up!
  • Eggs: Scrambled eggs are easy to cook in a microwave too – I have microwave scrambled eggs 1-2x a week as they’re quick, tasty and budget friendly.  I NEVER cook them any other way, it simply doesn’t make sense to do that for me!  Cook them in a mug for minimal washing up!
  • Tomatoes: Tinned tomatoes can be heated in just 2-3 minutes in a microwave.  I’ll typically “top” each tomato (removing the point where the stalk was connected, just because I have some faddy ways), then place the tomatoes in a microwave safe mug.

Freeze the Tomato Juice

There’s no need to use the juice, just pick out the tomatoes – you can save the tomato juice in a pot for the fridge or freezer for the next time you have a recipe that needs passata, or just chuck it into many slow cooker recipes such as stews or even some curries.

What I do is strain off the tomato juice and pop it into the freezer: Freeze Tomato Juice

So that’s it: Microwave ready-cooked sausages in one microwave safe mug, alongside the scrambled eggs and another microwave safe mug containing the tomatoes.  All three will cook alongside each other in roughly the same time – leaving you just three mugs to wash up!

Job done!

Mug Cooking Breakfast:

You can cook all these items in individual mugs, side by side!  If you’ve got people over and want to serve breakfast, why not send them outside to the patio, then deliver breakfast as a selection of mugs on a tray!  Le Creuset mugs look good and will last you a lifetime, they’re on my “I Want Those” list: Le Creuset Mugs on Amazon UK.

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