Large Frozen Yorkshire Puddings from Aldi

I bought my first pack of the large frozen Yorkshire puddings at Aldi when planning my Christmas Dinner, I realised I COULD make a Yorkshire pudding – but as the day drew closer, with all the other food I had to cook I decided I’d buy in some of Aldi’s frozen Yorkshire puddings to try, these are the ones with beef dripping!

Aldi Large Yorkshire Puddings Frozen Beef Dripping

Making Yorkshire pudding IS easy, but there are times in life when you simply don’t wish to do it. If you just want one Yorkshire pudding, then why not buy them ready made?  It’s nothing to beat yourself up for.  I make a gorgeous Yorkshire pudding, I always have – but that doesn’t mean I’m obliged to always cook one from scratch!  Living alone, I don’t always have eggs or milk in the house for starters.

To cook these, all you have to do is pop them into a hot oven, at about 200C, for just 6 minutes.  That’s it!

I was impressed.  Personally I prefer Yorkshire puddings that are more “stodgy” as I call it, at the bottom, Yorkshires that are “less well done” – but we’re all different.

I will definitely buy these again.  Although I did have to tip them upside down once cooked as they did have a good amount of beef oil on the inside, which I didn’t want/need, so I just tipped them upside down to get rid of that residue.

Sold in a pack of four, the cost was about £1 (I’ve got the receipt, but it’s not that essential right now to be more precise than that).

Highly Recommended!   These larger Yorkshire puddings are much more satisfying and tasty than the small Yorkshires!  I’ll stick to buying large ones – although they do take up a lot of freezer space as you can’t squash them in like hard vegetables!

I can see myself using these again, for quick Sunday lunches as well as individual toad in the hole portions!