Aldi Champion Frozen Hash Browns

Aldi Champion Frozen Hash Browns

I’ve had to buy a bag of the Aldi Champion Frozen Hash Browns because I really want hash browns for breakfast and it’s been nearly a month since I’ve managed to find Lidl Hash Browns for sale, so it was a case of buying a different brand or going without!   I could no longer live without hash browns in the freezer, which I love as part of a cooked breakfast.  Costing 72p for a 750 gram bag, the Aldi and Lidl hash browns are the same price and weight…. but are they different?

So, how do they compare?

The price is the same, at 72p for 750 grams.  Inside though, the Aldi Champion hash browns are a little smaller, with 15 hash browns in the bag.  Sizewise I prefer the size of the Lidl hash browns.

At 72p for 15 hash browns these work out at 4.8p each, or 9.6p for two.  With the size of these I’ll have to always eat two, whereas I was happy enough to eat just one of the larger Lidl hash browns.

These hash browns are a little bit brown, but not quite as brown as the Lidl hash browns were, again a vote for Lidl.

You’re supposed to fry hash browns, or oven bake them, but I always cook them in the microwave oven.

Aldi Champion Frozen Hash Browns Price

Aldi Hash Brown Ingredients:

So what’s in a hash brown?  They’re just grated potato, formed into a shape and fried or baked.  Frozen hash browns are part-cooked then frozen, so you’re jut finishing off the cooking process.

  • The bag says they have no artificial colours, preservatives or flavourings.
  • Made with sunflower oil.  No hydrogenated oils.

How to Microwave Hash Browns: 

To microwave these frozen hash browns I’ll use the same method I always have:

  1. Lay 1-2 frozen hash browns down in a microwave safe dish and microwave on high power for 1 minute.
  2. Flip them over and microwave for a further 1 minute.
  3. Flip them over and microwave for a final 1 minute, making 3 minutes in total.

Hash browns are part-cooked before they’re frozen, so this is plenty long enough to heat them through, which is all you’re trying to do.

Overall Rating: 

The Aldi Champion hash browns are nice enough, but, given the choice, I’d choose the Lidl Hash Browns simply for their individual size and colouring.  The Aldi ones are a little better/larger than the Iceland hash browns, so the top three of those I’ve tried so far are:

  1. Lidl Harvest Hash Browns
  2. Aldi Hash Browns
  3. Iceland Hash Browns

What To Do with Hash Browns:

I’ll usually add them as part of a cooked breakfast.  Did you know you can use frozen hash browns as a quiche base, or broken up and used as a potato topping for a fish pie or even a shepherd’s pie or cottage pie?  They’re not just a breakfast item, they’re a great food cheats ingredient. Hash browns are simply potato, grated then fried.

Freezer Staples: 

Frozen hash browns are one of my freezer staples as they really are easy to use and turn a cooked breakfast into my main meal of the day quite often!