Easy Desserts: Banana Custard

Growing up, banana custard was a common easy dessert that my mother made.  Mum always made banana custard with proper custard made from scratch, which involved spooning Birds Custard Powder into a bowl and mixing until smooth with a little cold milk (taken from one pint), then heating up the rest of the pint of milk until it reached boiling point.   She’d then pour some of the hot milk into the cold milk/powder mix and mix them to remove any lumps, before tipping in the rest of the hot milk and combining them, then returning all the custard/milk mix to the saucepan and bringing to the boil again!  Easy Desserts Banana Custard

But you don’t have to do that.  Banana Custard can be an instant, easy dessert simply by using a packet of “just add water” custard mix.

I always have 2-3 packets of instant custard in the cupboard – once opened you don’t have to use it all.  Half a packet serves one person, with a nice thickish custard.

To make banana custard simply slice the banana, make up the instant custard mix with boiling water until it’s the consistency you want, then pour the custard over the banana and mix the two together.

Banana custard can be served hot or cold – and if you pour it into small/lidded pots you can even take it as a snack or packed lunch to work.

It makes a great food for camping holidays too as all you have to do is have a couple of packets of custard powder in your bag and then just add boiling water!