Fish Finger & Chips Tortilla Wrap

With just three fish fingers in the packet that needed using up, today I thought I’d make a fast lunch by creating a fish finger and chips wrap – that’s English chips (deep friend potato fingers)…. just to be clear.

Wraps are so easy to do and as the box containing just three fish fingers in the freezer was annoying me I thought I’d put them into a wrap, but I then thought that three fish fingers might not be enough. So, I decided to add in some chips!

I’ll even admit to cheating on cooking the fish fingers and the chips as I cooked both of these by heating them in the microwave.

I’ll usually use salad cream, or tomato ketchup – but today I didn’t add anything to the fish fingers and chips.

Method to Make a Fish Finger & Chip Tortilla Wrap: Fish Finger Chip Tortilla Wrap

I used a Rowan Hill Bakery Mediterranean Herb tortilla wrap. I microwaved the tortilla wrap for 15 seconds on each side – there’s no need to do this, it’s just what I do.
I cooked the fish fingers in the microwave and I used frozen oven chips, cooked in the microwave, the perfect method for making this quick snack.

Next, I laid out the cooked chips on the tortilla wrap, skewing the distribution towards one end – this is to make the rolling better as you don’t want filling at the end section of rolling a tortilla as that makes it impossible to get a “neat finish”.
Next, it was time for the cooked fish fingers, which I put on top of the chips.

Then, the rolling part. I dispensed with the “proper way of rolling a tortilla” where you fold over one end, then fold the sides in, because it was at this point that I realised that my filling was a little over-generous, so I just folded/rolled the tortilla in one direction.

Next it was just a case of cutting it in half and eating it! This is best eaten hot in my opinion, but if you’re partial to cold chip butties then try it cold by all means.

Total time from start to finish: 6 minutes!

Menu Cost:
Tortilla wrap, £0.08, three fish fingers £0.26, a few chips £0.05. Total cost £0.39 for a really tasty and filling lunch…. there must be some Brownie points for using fish somewhere in this deal!