Drinking Chocolate Recipe with Marshmallows

Drinking Chocolate Recipe Mini Marshmallows

If you need a quick chocolate fix, then a drinking chocolate recipe, complete with a mountain of mini marshmallows might just hit the spot!  I’ve never been a fan of hot milk, so have always used hot water instead, but getting that balance right of the amount of cocoa powder has been elusive, so it was with heavy heart that I grabbed the Asda Smart Price Instant Hot Chocolate the other day.  I’ve no idea why I thought I’d try another brand and at just 69p for the whole bottle I didn’t have high hopes.

But I was wrong!  This is the best drinking chocolate recipe I’ve ever had at home – and it was straight forward.

So here’s my drinking chocolate recipe, complete with mini marshmallows on top.  It’s easy, low calorie, budget friendly – what’s not to like?

  • Measure out 28 grams of chocolate powder into a regular mug.  This is 3-4 heaped teaspoonfuls, but I did actually take the time to measure this with my digital weighing scales, as I really wanted to get it right, I wanted to discover the perfect blend!
  • There is no need for sugar, but that’s personal preference.
  • Pour hot, but not boiling water, onto the chocolate powder and give it a good stir.
  • Top with 10 grams of mini marshmallows.

Keep the spoon!  Drinking Chocolate Recipe Mini Marshmallows

You’ll need this to help you eat the melting marshmallows and scrape the sticky marshmallow goo from the inside of the cup as you get further down 🙂 – I LOVE that bit.

Look at that – I’ve even got the best mug to drink from as it says Chocolate on the side 🙂

What I discovered was probably the best drinking chocolate recipe I’d ever had before; it was just like the coffee shops where you’re charged £2-3 for this!  I just wish I had a Flake to put in the top – so they are now on the shopping list.

Lower Calorie Drinking Chocolate Calories Asda Smart Price Instant Hot Chocolate

As this is made with hot water and not hot milk, there’s a HUGE saving in calories.  Drinking chocolate will not be low calorie, but you can get that chocolate fix with fewer calories!

109 Calories Per Serving

Using 28 grams of the chocolate powder, the Asda Smart Price drinking chocolate contains 109 calories. But don’t forget those marshmallows! I won’t even look into those yet… but if you check the calories on a pack you can work those out yourself and then give yourself a “Marshmallow Allowance”.

I did calculate the calories in marshmallows – for each one 🙂 I was surprised!

Yes, it’s showing as “HIGH” for sugars – it’s a sweet chocolate drink, that’s to be expected.  One serving on this will give you 1/4 of your sugar intake requirements for one day – although it’s red on the label, you have to consider everything you eat in a day.  If this is the ONLY sugar item you have then you’ve only used 1/4 of what you could’ve had.  That’s why they say food and diet need to be balanced.  You could have four servings of this in one day and eat a lettuce and be fine 🙂

Asda Smart Price Instant Hot Chocolate

How Much Does Drinking Chocolate Cost?

I used the Asda Smart Price Instant Hot Chocolate, at 69p for 400 grams.  The marshmallows came from Lidl at 79p/150g.

  • 400 grams gives you 14 servings of drinking chocolate, at under £0.05 per serving.
  • 150 grams of marshmallows gives you 15 10-gram servings, at under £0.08 per serving.
  • The whole mug of drinking chocolate topped with mini marshmallows comes to under £0.13.  A tasty chocolate treat at a budget busting price.

Best drinking chocolate recipe ever – it’s a keeper. I’ll stock up on the Asda Smart Price drinking chocolate next time I’m in there.

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