Easy Curry Coleslaw

Easy Curry Coleslaw

I’ve always loved curry coleslaw.  Some years ago there was a sandwich delivery van that delivered to the office where I worked and every day I’d order a curry coleslaw baguette!  I’ll often make my own quick and easy curry coleslaw, the food cheats’ way of course!

For those of you who have a food processor, or are nifty with large/sharp knives, you might relish the thought of chopping up an entire cabbage etc…. food cheats don’t do this.  If you’ve no need for a ton of coleslaw then there’s no shame in buying a small/budget pot of coleslaw from your local shop or supermarket.  If there’s only you that likes coleslaw, then it can be tough work getting through a whole pot on your own!

To make an easy curry coleslaw simply:

  1. Buy any pot of regular coleslaw at the supermarket.
  2. Add a heaped teaspoon of curry powder for each ~150 grams of weight.  So a 280 grams pot of plain coleslaw would need about 2 teaspoons of curry powder to be added.
  3. Add in some sultanas if you have them.
  4. Give it all a good stir in.
  5. Replace the lid and put the coleslaw back in the fridge.  The longer you can leave it, the better the end result.  Overnight is best.

Although you can eat the curry coleslaw immediately, you’ll probably find that the curry powder is a little bit ‘bitter’.  It tastes much better if you can leave it to soak into the coleslaw for a few hours, better overnight.

Once made, the shelf-life of your pot of coleslaw is the same as the original coleslaw that you bought; adding the curry powder does not lessen, nor increase, the shelf-life.

What I’ll often do is buy a Large Pot of Coleslaw and spoon half of it out into a separate dish, then add curry powder and sultanas to just half.  I’ve then got a choice of two coleslaws in the fridge.


  • Add in some thinly sliced/chopped red/green/yellow peppers
  • Make your own jalapeno coleslaw by grating a raw jalapeno chilli into the coleslaw
  • Coronation coleslaw – follow a coronation chicken sauce recipe: Coronation Sauce Recipe.

Coleslaw’s a great way to squeeze some of those 5-a-day into your diet and can be served as part of a salad, or even alongside hot foods such as chicken nuggets or even as a spicy jacket potato topping!

I’ve a growing collection of small lidded food storage boxes for the fridge which are perfect for holding these small quantities, or you can save a plastic butter tub for when you need to divide a pot of coleslaw in half and mix n match the other half. In high summer I’ll often have 3-4 variations of coleslaw on the go, all stacked up in see through boxes so I can see what I’ve got.