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Jamie Oliver 5 Ingredients Quick Easy Food Recipe Book

Jamie Oliver’s 5 Ingredients, Quick & Easy Food, the final episode of the series on Channel 4 TV show brought four recipes in typical Jamie Oliver style:  Easy Sausage Carbonara, Spicy Thai Style Red Chicken Soup, Mozarella & Basil Scrambled Egg Omelette, Steamed Pudding with Sticky Marmalade Glaze.

Easy Sausage Carbonara
An easy sausage meatball carbonara.

  1. 3 fat cumberland sausages
  2. 150 grams Tagliatelle
  3. A bunch of flat leaf parsley
  4. 1 large egg
  5. 30 grams Parmesan, freshly grated


  • Pasta takes 12 minutes to cook, so drop it into fast boiling water seasoned with salt – get that on the go first.
  • Remove skins from the sausages and form each sausage into 5-6 balls, giving you 15-18 small sausage meatballs in total. Sausagemeat is already seasoned.
  • From the cupboard, get some cracked peppercorns and crush it up, grind it, pummel it. Sieve the black pepper onto a cutting board and roll the meatballs across the sieved pepper. The pepper adds a little heat and flavour fast.
  • Use a frying pan with a little bit of oil in, not much – add the meatballs to the frying pan.
  • Crack the egg into a bowl. Take a small bunch of parsley, including the stalks, finely chopped – put the parley into the egg. Add parsley to the egg/parsley and mix.
  • Don’t strain the pasta – just scoop it from the saucepan and put it into the frying pan with the sausages.
  • Remove the frying pan from the heat. Add a small spoon of pasta water to the eggs mix and pour that into the frying pan – and flick it all together quickly. Add some more hot water and keep it all moving for some more seconds.

Serve with a grating of parmesan over the top and another shake of sieved pepper.

Thai Red Chicken Soup
A Spicy Thai Style Chicken Soup, A one pot supper. 4 minutes prep, then poached for 1½ hours:

  1. 1 whole chicken, 1.6kg
  2. A small bunch of fresh coriander
  3. 1 whole butternut squash
  4. 1 whole tin of coconut milk (~440g size)
  5. 1 small jar of thai red curry paste


  • Put the whole chicken, breast side up, into a large saucepan.
  • Cut the butternut squash in half, remove the seeds, cut into 3cm chunks, add to the pan.
  • Finely slice the coriander stalks, keeping the leaves back for later on. Add the stalks to the saucepan.
  • Give the unopened can of coconut a shake, open the can and pour the whole can into the saucepan.
  • Put the whole jar of Thai red curry paste into the saucepan.
  • Add 1 litre of water into the saucepan, this will poach the chicken, with all the flavours infusing into the chicken meat.
  • Season with salt, put the saucepan lid on and put onto a medium heat. Once it’s simmering turn it down and let it simmer away for a further 1 hour 20 minutes.  Use tongs to remove the chicken from the saucepan when it’s cooked and place that on a large plate. Sprinkle some of the coriander leaves over the chicken.
  • Use a potato masher to mash up the butternut squash into the broth in the saucepan. Tear up some coriander leaves and add those to the saucepan.
  • Ladle out the broth and tear off chicken pieces into your bowl.

Food Cheats Idea: This recipe sounds like a great one for the slow cooker!  I’d only add 3/4 litre of water, put it on for one hour high and then 2 hours low (or 3 hours on auto if you have that setting).  Personally, I’d use 3-4 large chicken breasts with this as I’m not a fan of whole chickens with skin and bones etc!

Scrambled Egg Omelette

This is a Mozarella and Basil Omelette

  1. 4 Eggs
  2. 350 grams tomatoes, all sizes and colours
  3. Half a ball of mozzarella cheese
  4. A small handful of fresh basil
  5. ½ a red chilli


  • Slice the tomatoes and chillies and lay them out on a large plate/platter. Sprinkle the slices with red wine vinegar, a splash of extra virgin olive oil, a little salt and a little bit of pepper.
  • Beat the eggs with a fork – don’t overbeat them.
  • Put a frying pan on to a medium high heat.
  • Cut up the mozarella into small chunks, this will melt in the middle of the omelette.
  • Add the basil leaves and salt to a pestle mortar – bash that until it’s a mush, add 1 tablespoon extra olive oil. The smashed basil gives it a flavour.
  • Put a small amount of oil into the frying pan, pour the eggs in – move the eggs around, keep it on the go until it’s mostly cooked, but there’s still a little bit of moist egg. Add the mozarella in a strip along the middle of the scrambled egg and pour the smashed basil along the mozzarella strip.
  • Angle the pan down and jiggle the pan slightly until the omelette overhangs the edge – flip the edge of the omelette over, flip the other side over. Place the hot omelette on the plate of tomatoes and cut down the centre to expose the middle.
  • Serve with basil leaves on top..

Steamed Pudding with Sticky Marmalade Glaze:

This is a speedy steamed pudding – a steamed marmalade pudding cooked in a microwave in a teacup;
Sticky Steamed Pudding Pots.

  1. 10 tablespoons thick cut marmalade (2 for the pudding mix; 8 for the glaze/sauce)
  2. 2 eggs
  3. 150ml single cream
  4. 100 grams self-raising flour
  5. 150 grams ground almonds
  6. 100ml olive oil (instead of butter)


  • Add the oil to the single cream and whisk together.
  • Add the self raising flour, ground almonds, a pinch of salt, eggs and 2 tablespoons of marmalade and beat it all together, making a thick batter.
  • Put the other 8 tablespoons of marmalade into a saucepan, to make the sticky marmalade sauce/glaze.  Heat this up to pour over the finished puddings at the end!
  • Get 6 teacups, put a little olive oil in each one and rub around the sides with your fingers to stop the pudding sticking.
  • 3/4 fill each of the teacups with the pudding batter mix.
  • Cook two teacups at a time in the microwave, on full power for 2½ minutes.
  • Remove the teacups from the microwave, tip the teacups upside down to remove the pudding – spoon the marmalade syrup over the top,
  • Pour more cream over the top to serve

Orange Marmalade Sponge Pudding MicrowaveFood Cheats Note:  I do a similar pudding, without ground almonds and not quite so much in quantity: Easy Orange Marmalade Sponge Pudding, Serves 1-3

I’ve been cooking steamed puddings like this for decades, varying the flavours each time, depending what I’ve got in – here are more: Steamed Puddings.

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Jamie Oliver’s Quick & Easy Recipe Book

Jamie Oliver 5 Ingredients Quick Easy Food Recipe BookThe book that accompanies the Jamie Oliver TV programme contains over 130 recipes, organised into chapters by type.

Jamie Oliver, 5 Ingredients, Quick & Easy Food, as seen on Channel 4.

There’s a “Look Inside” option so you can see what recipes are in the book.

ISBN: 9780718187729

There are a couple of reviews on the Amazon website, from food reviewers who have viewed a copy of the book prior to publication.