National Fish Week 2016

Battered Fish Chips Peas

National Fish Week 2016 is 7 -14 October. So how can you cheat at that?  Clearly making fish in batter might just be too long-winded for many – especially if you think you need a deep fat fryer to make crispy batter.  So what are your quick fish dishes so you can cheat?

Here are a few I’ve done in the past:

So don’t feel you’re missing out as you can’t have a traditional battered fish with chips, look at the ways you can have fish this week.  Another alternative is to use a microwave to poach fish fillets, or even grab a tin of tuna and make a nice Tuna & Egg Baked Potato Filling as a lunch.

It’s all about taking part, not about having the BEST fish all the time.