How Many Calories in Mini Marshmallows?

Calories Mini Marshmallows Each

If you’re reaching for that hot chocolate and want to sprinkle the top with some mini marshmallows, then you might just stop yourself for a second and think “how many calories are there in each of these? In just one mini marshmallow?”

After that it’s your choice, you can sprinkle them on regardless and shrug…. or you can sit while your hot chocolate goes cold and weigh them and calculate it, which kind of takes the edge from the enjoyment!

No need – I’ve worked it out for you, kind of.

Calories per Mini Marshmallow

Having discovered the best drinking chocolate I’ve tried to date, then loading it with mini marshmallows, I felt maybe I was being a bit greedy and over-loading my mug of hot chocolate just a bit, so Iactually took the time out to weigh some and do the calculations. The bag I used said that there were 331 calories per 100 grams of marshmallows.

I weighed out 10 grams of the mini marshmallows and then counted them. 10 grams is 33 calories – and I found that there were 35 marshmallows in the pile!

That makes it an easy calculation, as a “rule of thumb” you can think of each mini marshmallow having 1 calorie each. That’s nice and easy isn’t it.

My “fully loaded” drinking chocolate topped with mini marshmallows seems to be 35 calories. It’s such an insignificant little figure isn’t it …. I don’t need to worry too much there then!

Phew 🙂

Knowing mini marshmallows are 1 calorie each makes it easy to work out from now on.  I don’t “count calories” as such, I just have a general awareness of how many are in foods, so I can gauge whether to go a bit easy or not.  Off to the kitchen now …. to make a nice hot drinking chocolate 🙂

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