Aldi Reusable Shopping Bag, Full of Beans

Aldi Reusable Shopping Bag Full Beans

I’m still a sucker for the Aldi reusable shopping bags, collecting them as I spot new ones.  This “Full of Beans” version didn’t excite me very much at all as it was orange and I already have a couple of other orange bags from other supermarkets… but I found myself in Aldi needing something to carry food to the car, so thought I’d bite the bullet and buy one of these anyway as I do have a new use for these bags.  I’ve got several very exciting colours too.

I don’t just buy them and stack them in the corner as collector items – they have a gazillion great uses around the kitchen, the house and even in the car!  I’ve got nearly a dozen now.  What I decided I needed one of these bags for was for storing kagouls, hats, scarves and gloves.  I’d got them in a small drawer, but then the drawer wasn’t large enough for them, so I put them into an empty box, which then wasn’t really ideal … and I decided that the best way to store these winter clothing items was in a reusable shopping bag!  Although I might use the red Christmas Thyme bag I bought last month as these “clothes for bad/cold weather” are mostly only needed in the winter months!

As a handy sized bag with handles, one of these can contain my entire collection of scarves, gloves, kagouls and hats, which can then be put away at the end of winter and brought out again in the autumn – and give me one easy focal point of where to put those things when I’m using them… it’s been all too easy to just put a hat or gloves down when I’ve come in, then not know where I’ve put them.  Finally, I can adhere to the saying “a place for everything and everything in its place” as I now have an actual place they should be!

I’ve also got one of these bags assigned as a “boot bag” for popping wet wellington boots into by the door when I go out and it’s muddy.  Just step inside, pop the boots immediately into the bag … no drips!

So there we have it, yet another Aldi reusable bag for life added to the collection.  I do like hoarding 🙂