Christmas Themed Cutlery – Santa & Snowman Serving Spoons

Christmas Theme Cutlery Santa Snowman Xmas Spoons

I do like Christmas and bought some Christmas serving spoons for my sibling the other year, then instantly regretted not keeping them for myself!  So it was with great delight that I managed to find a Santa serving spoon and a snowman serving spoon just last year and I snapped them up.  They add a little bit of extra festive cheer to the house and to my little Christmas dinner.

Given the budget and opportunity, I’d have a Santa’s grotto running through the whole house with everything Christmas themed… but that’s just not actually sensible is it 🙂

I’ve already put my Santa serving spoon and Snowman serving spoon into a jar in the kitchen, so they are adding a little festive fun to the kitchen area … and I’ll use them on Christmas day to serve my Christmas lunch.

It’s the little things that make you smile sometimes isn’t it… the nonsense.  And I love it!  The simplest of potatoes will seem so much more Christmassy and festive when served with a Santa spoon!  Fact.

Embrace your inner childhood glee….