A 4 Ingredient Microwave Cooked Breakfast

Microwave Breakfast Sausages Baked Beans Scrambled Eggs 4 Ingredients

When there’s time to enjoy a hot, cooked, breakfast – but you’ve no time, or desire, to stand and cook it by traditional methods, then you can use the microwave to speed up the time between deciding it’s breakfast time and eating it!  If you’re cooking for one, speedy meals are quite an essential element most of the time when it comes to cooking: “how fast can I get this made?” – well, this is a winner.  Discover how to cook scrambled eggs and beans in the microwave, in minutes!

There are just four ingredients here: toast, baked beans, scrambled eggs and cocktail sausages.  And, in true Food Cheats tradition, just using the microwave isn’t the only cheat here!

What’s on the Plate? 

With just four main ingredients, this morning’s breakfast was a tasty treat of:

  • Toast, two slices
  • Baked beans, 1/3rd of a tin
  • Ready cooked cocktail sausages – available from most supermarkets in the chiller cabinet
  • 2 Eggs, scrambled
  • A small knob of butter for the eggs. If you want to season this, or add a splash of brown sauce that’s optional.


  1. Toast the bread in the toaster, you can cook the rest while that’s browning!
  2. Grab yourself two microwave safe mugs.  Take 5-6 ready cooked cocktail sausages, slice them down the middle and pop them into the first mug, along with the baked beans.   Slicing into the sausages enables them to cook quicker and reduces the chance of them exploding. Pop the mug into the microwave and cook for one minute on high power.
  3. Crack two eggs into the second mug, add seasoning if you wish (I never do), then beat them with a fork and put into the microwave alongside the beans and sausages.  Microwave both mugs for 1 minute.
  4. Remove the mugs and stir/check how each is getting along.  Put both mugs back into the microwave for ~45 seconds.  Check and stir again.
  5. Once your toast is toasted and your beans/sausages piping hot, put the beans on top of the sliced toast.
  6. Add your small knob of butter to your scrambled eggs and place the eggs on top of the baked beans and sausages.
  7. Splash of brown if you wish …and eat!

Handy Tips: 

  • You can buy ready cooked cocktail sausages and freeze them: Freezing Cocktail Sausages.
  • Because the sausages are small they will cook in the same time as the baked beans, also, cooking them together in one mug keeps the sausages moist.

Meal Cost: 

This can be a cheap meal, with eggs costing 8p each and beans at 25p/can, the cocktail sausages are the most expensive item on the plate at 4p each.  This plate of food cost 50p.  It can be a cooked breakfast, or a hot lunch!  I tend not to eat at set times, nor “name” my meals… all food can be served at any time, in any quantity and be viewed as any meal 🙂  The joys of catering for one person!