Terrys Segsations Flavours

Terrys Segsations Flavours Chocolate Orange Segsations Individually Wrapped

Terrys Segsations have five flavours, finishes and textures, and are sold in a mixed selection.  At the time of writing both Poundland and Poundstretchers are selling 250 gram bags of these chocolates (short dated to 10 weeks’ time), so today I grabbed a bag to check out the Terrys Segsations, as I hadn’t ever got round to eating them before!

If you keep your eyes peeled you can often find Terrys Segsations chocolates on special offer, or discounted.  There’s no point paying full price if you don’t have to – or if you’re trying something out!   The discounted bags don’t come with any details of what flavours the different colours are though, so I thought I’d eat them and see…

So, how were they and what were the Segsations flavours?

Terrys Segsations are individually wrapped chocolate orange segments, with orange oil.  They are made by the same company that makes the famous Terrys Chocolate Oranges, which I used to get every Christmas from about 1985 to 2010!

The five different coloured wrappers indicate the varieties.

Flavours & Colours of Wrapping

There are five Terrys Segsations flavours, over time they do change the variety and colour of the wrappers though, but the ones I’m eating at the moment contain:

  • YELLOW Segsations are Exploding Candy – Terry’s Milk Chocolate Orange with exploding candy bits embedded inside.  This isn’t like the Space Dust I used to enjoy in the 1970s, it doesn’t really “explode” in the mouth at all in my opinion. In fact, if I hadn’t known they were popping candy I’d have never been able to guess; they simply seemed, to me, to be chocolate orange pieces with “something indiscernible” in the chocolate. 
  • LIGHT BROWN/CARAMEL Segsations are Toffee Crunch – Terry’s Milk Chocolate Orange with embedded crunchy toffee flavour caramel pieces.  This flavour is the only one that, to me, was noticeably different.  It’s “the best flavour” of Segsations to me.  You can taste a caramel taste and there are definitely “bits” embedded in the chocolate. 
  • PURPLE Segsations are Milk Chocolate – Terry’s Milk Chocolate Orange with the essence of real orange oil. These are just regular chocolate orange pieces, so again, “the same” pretty much. 
  • RED Segsations are Milk & Dark – Terry’s Milk Chocolate Orange with a layer of Dark Chocolate at the bottom and a layer of milk chocolate on top. Again, I was pretty disappointed, there wasn’t much noticeable difference between this and the other Segsations. I ate it in a hurry and forgot to look at the colour to see if I could see the dark and light chocolate though… I just scoffed it!
  • BLUE Segsations are Milk Crunchy – Terry’s Milk Chocolate Orange with embedded crispy puffed rice bits. These are the only ones that have a rough side to them, with the rice crispy bits noticeable on the underside.  It was crunchy and the rice crispies were noticeable, but as it’s just milk chocolate it didn’t taste any different to most of the other Segsations. 

I think the Toffee Crunch is my favourite.  The exploding candy isn’t overly noticeable, it doesn’t seem to “pop”.  I’m not keen on the Milk Crunchy as this isn’t sufficiently exciting.

Words Written on Segsations:

Each Segsation segment has a word or short phrase written on the chocolate – and, looking through them, I really can’t see the point.  Examples of the words are: Big hug, Let’s tango, Let’s play, Hello sunshine, Chatterbox, Big kiss, Kiss kiss, Wink, wink, Outrageous, Taste me, Yummy, Yum, One more?, Delight me, You’re beautiful, You’re fab, Wahey,  Giggles, Yee ha, Love me, You want me, Go bonkers, Do the twist.

There really seems no point to this – what might have seemed a great idea was executed poorly and you look at the words and think “WTF?”.  It’s more like a list of desperate and disconnected words a team on The Apprentice might have come up with when given just 10 minutes….

Seg: Yes, Sations: No

While these are individually wrapped segments of chocolate orange, that’s about all you can say about them.  They are segments.  They are not a sensation.  Sorry Terrys, but you got these wrong in my opinion.

To be honest, while the idea of these is great, there’s insufficient difference between the chocolates to hold my attention for too long.  I think I still prefer Cadbury’s Heroes.

Terrys Segsations Flavours Purple Blue Red Yellow Brown

One question is always how many Segsations do you get in a box?  Boxes come in a variety of sizes, but they weigh just a bit under 8 grams each, so, to round it up, if you divide the box grams weight by 8 then you’d have that many, plus 1-2.  So I’d expect a 300 gram box to contain 300/8 = 37½, or about 38-40 individually wrapped Segsations.  The 250 grams bag I bought contained 33 chocolates.

Of course, the split between the flavours is a different thing and you can’t see inside the boxes, so that’s always pot luck. You can see through the bags at the discount shops though.

Are Segsations Good Value?

Unless you can get these chocolates cheaper, on a deal, discounted, then they are quite pricey per 100g compared to other boxed chocolates available.  At £1, which is what I paid, for 250 grams of chocolate, that’s 40p/100 grams, so not too bad compared to others.

I’d only buy these again if I had a burning desire for chocolates and there were none of my other favourites available…. I won’t rush to buy them.  I’d be happy to buy them to cook in cakes, which is what I did with the last of the box of After Eight mints the other week, when I made Microwave After Eight Brownies.

Right … I actually bought TWO bags of these, as I expected them to be better … so I’m off now to scoff a few more 🙂