How to Make Ice Lollies With Squash

How Make Ice Lollies Squash

When you buy bottles of squash, the label will say “Dilute to Taste” – and will advise you of the ratio that you should mix the squash with water.  I use plain tap water to make squash, but you can use any bottled water, still or sparkling!

Squash drink is simply concentrated juice, which will contain an amount of fruit juice, but each label will tell you what the ingredients are.

These days you can get double strength squash, which require half the water to make them up – but the label will always suggest how much water you need to add.

As a rule of thumb, many leading brands of squash will want four parts water to one part squash drink.  This means if you use 200ml of squash, you have to add 800ml of water.  However, this is only the manufacturer’s suggested ratio – and it’s entirely up to you if you wish to make it stronger or weaker.

What Squash Do You Use to Make Ice Lollies?

You can use any regular squash drink that you usually have, or buy.  From big brand names like Robinsons Orange Squash through to supermarket own brand No Added Sugar squash drinks.  I alternate between Robinsons squash and supermarket own brands, usually a nice Summer Fruits or a Lemonade – but you can use the squash drinks that you like and prefer.

To Make Ice Lollies from Squash: 

This is super easy.  Simply make up the squash as if you were going to drink it – and pour it into your lolly moulds and put it into the freezer.

Make Ice Lollies from Milkshake:

You can freeze milkshake to make milky ice lollies.  Just give the carton a good shake and get it nicely aerated, then pour into the moulds and pop into the freezer.

How Much Does It Cost To Make Your Own Squash Lollies?

It will vary, depending on how much water you use to dilute the squash from the bottle – and how much you pay for a bottle, but, as an example, if you buy a 1 litre bottle of Robinsons squash drink for £1, that will make 5 litres of squash drink ready to drink – how many lollies that makes will depend on the size of your lolly moulds, but my large moulds make 8 lollies per litre of squash, so one 1 litre bottle of squash, diluted at a ratio of 4:1 would make me 40 lollies, which is 2½p each!

Can You Use Fruit Juice to Make Lollies?

Yes, simply pour the fruit juice from the carton into the moulds and pop into the freezer.  You can, optionally, dilute the fruit juice if you want it to go a little further, or require a more subtle taste.