Defrost a Freezer Fast

Defrost Freezer Fast Before After

It takes just 1½-2 hours to defrost my freezer completely manually – without using a hairdryer or doing anything that could possibly damage it!  Once you’ve started, you don’t have to clear the freezer out entirely if you don’t want to, but I usually want to clear every bit of ice entirely.  I only defrost the freezer when it needs it – that moment when you know you’re struggling to get the baskets in and out!  This time it had not been done for 2½ years.

This is how I do it:

I always have a collection of saved old margarine tubs to hand, used often as a container to shape food I put in the freezer.  These come in handy when I want to defrost my freezer fast – taking about one hour from start to finish.

How to Defrost a Freezer Fast:

  1. Obviously, turn off the freezer and empty the baskets out before you start!
  2. Place a microfibre cloth on the bottom of the freezer, to help mop up any drips and water that you don’t catch in the tubs.   I place a couple of Pyrex jugs of boiling water on the bottom shelf, just because I happen to have them.Defrost Freezer Fast Microfibre Cloth
  3. Fill about 3-4 empty margarine tubs with boiling water from the kettle and place them on the freezer shelves.  These are much better than bowls for the following reasons:
     – They have straight sides, so you have have as many as you need in a row.
     – They are really easy to move around as you spot the next piece of ice to be defrosted
     – They hold the water more safely than bowls and it’s easier to empty them down the sink with less chance you’ll spill the contents half way across the kitchen.
     – They are much easier to grip and hold than bowls.
     – Due to their shape they fit right into the corners.

Defrost Freezer Fast Boiling Water Margarine Tubs

  1. Move the margarine tubs where you need them, replace the water with fresh boiling water when it gets cold.  Use empty margarine tubs to catch stray drips of melting water as you’re moving the tubs with the hot water in away from that section.
  2. As you’re getting close to the end (and are a bit bored …..) you can stack margarine tubs easily and safely, so the boiling water is closer to the blocks of ice.
    Defrosting Freezer Fast Stacked Tubs Boiling Water
  3. Wring out the microfibre cloth as needed.  I find they are so small I can wring it into a small bowl, so it’s just a 2 second job every 15 minutes or so.

While you’re doing that, give the baskets and drawers a wash down – and once you’re finished, replace the drawers and baskets, close the freezer door and turn the freezer back on!

And that’s it …. for another couple of years!